Washcloth Week

It has been one busy week!! Started with the 4 day weekend which was great since the hubbo was home for a change but it also meant doing things. Ugh…we took the kids to the pool, cleaned out a closet, did things in the yard, visited my parents, had friends of Vicious over… All that left little time for knitting.

I ended up just knitting Washcloths all weekend and part of this week. It was a nice change from the endless amount of hats I have been knitting. I plan to give them as gifts with something else at Christmas when I have my Christmas party/cookie swap.

I ended up iron blocking them and they look so good now!! I had never tried this or even heard of this before. I stumbled upon if while trying to find a pattern and I am glad I did. What a difference it made, the lacey pattern really pops now and I had knit a hockey player on one and it really brings out the design. I got the instructionshere

Now I have to quit goofing around with my washcloths and start in my October orders. Pumpkin hats and Astrid headbands(Astrid from how to train your dragon) are on the agenda for the month along with several other things.
Guess I should get started…

Here are some pictures of my washcloths, the hockey player is hard to see in the pic, took it with my phone…





I also FINALLY blocked that mouse hat!! Now to mail it out…




3 thoughts on “Washcloth Week

    1. I couldn’t believe what a difference it made. Even my hubs and 5 ye old notices how much better they looked. I am now ashamed at the mediocre cloths I have given in the past lol

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