Here it is

My knitting area. I stole the idea for this post from Mistine over at Crazy Purls.

Now just to let you know I had all my knitting supplies in our spare bedroom but once Thing 2 was born I had to do the grown up thing and let her have a room. That would of been fun to explain to people. “We have to have the crib in the kitchen since my yarn has the bedroom”. Wouldn’t of went over well so the knitting stuff now lives in my room in a much smaller area. Here it is:


Yep the top of my dresser is now home to my knitting stuff.


Most lives on this side.


My FO’s live in here. Yes, it is a punch bowl! And let me tell you all the cool kids put their FO’s in punch bowls. Proven fact, look it up. Ok it’s not a fact and you can’t look it up but it should be 🙂



Then there are my bins of things. Lets see what’s in them…


In the yellow bin is my labels. Care labels and personalized labels, labels that can be written on and my rainbow decals. The rainbow decals are special. I sew these into everything I make for Thing 2. They say that the baby after miscarriage or still birth is called your Rainbow Baby. Well after years of infertility and 9 miscarriage I have Thing 2 and she gets rainbows sewn into everything I make for her.


The pink box has thread.


The bottom bin has my buttons. I LOVE buttons, can you tell?



Little bins of “It’s a boy” tags and butterfly buttons. Have I mentions I love buttons?




Then I have all my knitting books and patterns on the end with my jars of DPN’s and straight needles as “book ends”.

Circulars live on the wall next to my dresser above my yarn bin.


My yarn bin. My stash is much smaller then it used to be due to downsizing the area. The cracks in bin are from Thing 2 thinking it is a stair and standing on it to steal my needles.





The other side of my dresser has the hat stand I use take pics with and some random baby pictures of Vicious and Thing 2.

That’s about it. Here are some random pics of my yarn.





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