Losing my rhythm

I am losing my good rhythm I had going there for a while. I have so much to knit that I need that rhythm to stick around. Part of it is my eyes. They are not that great to begin with and knitting with size 2 and size 4 needles for days on end have not been the best for my eyes. On a good note I have finished 2 out of 4 pairs of baby leg warmers.

I have started on the third pair but had to take a break to give my eyes a chance to rest. I am using this pattern for the leg warmers and other then my eyes I have had no problems with them. They knit up quick and are so stinking cute! I can’t wait to have then finished and see them on the baby they are for.

For now I am working on a diaper soaker for a friends little boy. I made a size medium and it just looked small so I frogged it and I am now trying the largest size. I found a super simple pattern on Ravelry for the soaker. It is basically a hat with leg holes haha. Hoping I have it finished tonight and get some of my motivation back.
I have a ton of orders and only about 6 weeks to complete them. 1 is needed by November 6 but it is just a newborn bear hat so I should be able to whip it up in no time.

Happy Knitting!

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