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Busy as a bee

I have been knitting like my life depends on it! I am surprised my needles haven’t caught fire as much as I have been putting them to work. On a good note it’s looking like I will actually finish all my Christmas order in time.
Here is a little peek at what I have been up to.
First I finished the baby leg warmers and mailed them off. Funny story about the leg warmers. I mailed them off and they arrived to the recipient on Saturday November 16, which was amazing since her baby was due on December 2nd. Well her baby had other plans and was born on Sunday November 17!!! I literally got those things done just in time!! She looked adorable in them and I was so tickled to see the pics of a new baby in something I made.


I then knit up another Minnie Mouse hat and gloves to match. These gloves gave me a hell of a time. It took five tries to get the fingers to not look all wonky, but in the end I was pleased and so was the recipient. I just hope they fit her daughter and she’s really happy. Since she is Vicious teacher I would like to keep her happy lol 🙂



After that was finished I whipped up another plain black hat with a flower. Well, kind of. The black hat was already made. I had knit it as the first mouse hat for the teacher but once I gave it a bath and let it dry, it went from fitting a four year old to fitting me!! How does this happen? Usually wool gets smaller if washed not bigger. I have no idea, so I am just saying that skein was cursed. It worked out either way and went to a lady for her neice.

Last but not least was my birthday gift for my brother. He asked for a R2D2 hat like a year ago so I finally made it!! Who is the best sister ever? This girl!


That’s it for now! I am currently working on a scarf. It’s coming along nicely and I hope to have it finished by tomorrow. Happy knitting everyone 🙂



Must knit faster

I only have one order that is needed before Christmas. That’s great, right? WRONG! It’s the middle of November(when did that happen?) and I have what seems like an endless amount of stuff to knit.

I need to whip up a few hats and those should go quick. What is worrying me is the FOUR scarves I need to make. I have only ever completed 2 scarves, so I am a little panicky about the time.

I finished up all my “need now” orders except for one and I plan to get it cast on tonight and hopefully finished by tomorrow. I have to make an R2D2 hat for my brothers birthday. His birthday is Wednesday!! Nothing like waiting until the last possible second to start 🙂

No pictures to share right now. Everything is on the blocking/drying racks. I will post pics of all my FO once they are dry and pretty !

The big three zero!

Today is my birthday!! My 30th birthday to be exact and it has been a pretty awesome day.


It started off with Thing 2 waking me up with a big smooch and a “hap burpy” which is “happy birthday” in toddler-ese. Followed by Vicious waking up and doing the same only with better enunciation 🙂
Since I have the best friends ever, I was greeted by an out pouring of love and sweet words on Facebook.
Good stuff!

The only crappy part is that Mother Nature gave me the crud 😦 Stupid headcold, couldn’t have waited until tomorrow to invade?
Oh well, I was gifted with wine and cold meds(from different people) so I showed those germs who is boss!

That’s about it! Not much knitting going on the last fee days but I did receive yarn as a birthday gift from my BFF!



Knit all the things

I spent the weekend couch bound due to stuppy legs not working, but thanks to prednisone I got a TON of knitting finished. So, silver lining and all that.

I finished a hat and 3 pairs of booties and a leg warmer, oh my 🙂

The first thing to go on and come off the needles was a pooh bear newborn hat. It turned out great and will be so cute on the head of a tiny new human. I purchased this pattern last spring and have gotten my use of it. So well written. I do change the brim and add a couple more rows to make it not quite so short. In my experience bambinos are usually born with a bit of a cone head, so the extra rows accommodate for that.


Once the hat was completed it was time to whip up some booties! The lady that ordered the set wanted 2 pair of booties but didn’t specify color, what she wanted as far as style, anything. So I hopped on Ravelry and found some that I liked and would of wanted if my husband had of given me the boys I asked for!!
The first pair came out great but they looked more like a preemie size so I redid them in a chunkier yarn and on bigger needles!

This is the first pair. See they just look really small. It may be that my kids were HUGE so my view of what a normal size baby looks like is a bit off but my theory is a baby can always grow but it’s really hard to shrink them 🙂 So bigger booties it was!

This is the second attempt and I am much happier with the size.
I used Simple seamless baby booties which was Free on Ravelry.

Since I didn’t want to give her the same type of bootie for both pairs it was back to Ravelry to find something else that tickled my fancy.
I decided to try One seam baby slipper pattern, also free in Ravelry.
If it’s free, it’s for me!!

They turned out so cute! I had a time trying to decide on the buttons but once I figured out that, the pattern itself was a breeze.


I really hope the recipient likes them.
I am now off to knit yet another Minnie hat and gloves to match.
Here are some pictures of my sending the booties off into the world.



October review

With October gone and November here I can’t help but think what the new month will bring. October was such a productive month for me, I can only hope that November will bring me the same knitting gratification.
November is always my favorite month, for 2 reason. The first:My birthday!! This year I am turning 30, so I am very excited that it is November! My day o’ birth is the 11th which here in the US equals Veterans Day. So when I was little I always thought my birthday was such a big deal and I was so awesome that they let everyone stay out of school that day. What a disappointment to learn I was just a regular person haha. But I still make a big deal about my birthday and this year will be even bigger of a deal 🙂
The second reason is Thanksgiving! I love to eat! I mean I really LOVE to eat, so thanksgiving is my kind of holiday. The best part is my mother in laws stuffing! Man that junk is good!

This November Is bringing a lot more goodness this year. One: I have so many orders and can’t wait to see them come to life! Several I get to design and pick colors, and I love being able to let my creativity run free and have others appreciate it. I also finally get to go to the neurologist and see what the heck is going in with me! Oh I can’t wait. I already know what I will be knitting during that appointment haha.

The best part about this November is that it is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!!! Man oh man, I can NOT wait for that! November 23, what a great day it will be!!!

Here is a recap of Octobers FOs:










Happy November everyone! Hope the month brings great things to you all!