Knit all the things

I spent the weekend couch bound due to stuppy legs not working, but thanks to prednisone I got a TON of knitting finished. So, silver lining and all that.

I finished a hat and 3 pairs of booties and a leg warmer, oh my πŸ™‚

The first thing to go on and come off the needles was a pooh bear newborn hat. It turned out great and will be so cute on the head of a tiny new human. I purchased this pattern last spring and have gotten my use of it. So well written. I do change the brim and add a couple more rows to make it not quite so short. In my experience bambinos are usually born with a bit of a cone head, so the extra rows accommodate for that.


Once the hat was completed it was time to whip up some booties! The lady that ordered the set wanted 2 pair of booties but didn’t specify color, what she wanted as far as style, anything. So I hopped on Ravelry and found some that I liked and would of wanted if my husband had of given me the boys I asked for!!
The first pair came out great but they looked more like a preemie size so I redid them in a chunkier yarn and on bigger needles!

This is the first pair. See they just look really small. It may be that my kids were HUGE so my view of what a normal size baby looks like is a bit off but my theory is a baby can always grow but it’s really hard to shrink them πŸ™‚ So bigger booties it was!

This is the second attempt and I am much happier with the size.
I used Simple seamless baby booties which was Free on Ravelry.

Since I didn’t want to give her the same type of bootie for both pairs it was back to Ravelry to find something else that tickled my fancy.
I decided to try One seam baby slipper pattern, also free in Ravelry.
If it’s free, it’s for me!!

They turned out so cute! I had a time trying to decide on the buttons but once I figured out that, the pattern itself was a breeze.


I really hope the recipient likes them.
I am now off to knit yet another Minnie hat and gloves to match.
Here are some pictures of my sending the booties off into the world.



2 thoughts on “Knit all the things

  1. I lol’d at your post because my fiance says “buy all the things” to me all the time and I could hear him reading the title.

    Love the pooh hat, adorable!

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