Must knit faster

I only have one order that is needed before Christmas. That’s great, right? WRONG! It’s the middle of November(when did that happen?) and I have what seems like an endless amount of stuff to knit.

I need to whip up a few hats and those should go quick. What is worrying me is the FOUR scarves I need to make. I have only ever completed 2 scarves, so I am a little panicky about the time.

I finished up all my “need now” orders except for one and I plan to get it cast on tonight and hopefully finished by tomorrow. I have to make an R2D2 hat for my brothers birthday. His birthday is Wednesday!! Nothing like waiting until the last possible second to start πŸ™‚

No pictures to share right now. Everything is on the blocking/drying racks. I will post pics of all my FO once they are dry and pretty !

6 thoughts on “Must knit faster

  1. Ugh I hate deadline knitting…so stressful! I relax knit to erase the stress. With Netflix and Hulu on I get to ignore the pending deadline and still work on a WIP.

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