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My new yarn!

I am blessed to have the best brother in the whole world! He is single and has no bills, so when holidays come around he gets everyone the best stuff. This year was no different. He gave the girls movies they had been wanting and he got me a $50 gift card to my LYS!!!! Ahhh!!! See, best brother ever!!!!

Since I have no self control and since I was so excited to have fun money for yarn, I went and spent that gift card on December 26!! I dropped the kidlets at my moms and me and the hubs went and walked around the yarn store for over an hour. It was amazing!!!

Here is what I got:

Malabrigo 100% merino

I have been lusting over this yarn for about a year or so now. While it isn’t terribly expensive, it’s always been considered a “splurge” and I could never bring myself to spend the $15 on it. This was the first thing I grabbed when I walked into the store. I am thinking about making myself a slouchy hat with this. I am so in love with this yarn and so happy that I finally own it.

Next up was this beauty
Swizzle 100% superfine alpaca

This yarn is sooooo soft!! The pink,purple and black all look so cute together. I would never have bought something like this on my own. It was nice to spend money that wasn’t mine and that I didn’t feel guilty about. Not quite sure what this will be yet but it sure is nice to pet it until I decide what it will be.

Last but not least was
Berrocco Vintage

I have several skeins of this brand but I really liked this color way so I bought it!!

All in all I am very happy with my new yarn and can’t wait to cast on with them.

Ps: Sorry about the crappy pictures. My camera is broke so every thing is taken with my phone.


It has been the best week!! I have worked on zero orders and it felt amazing! Like chocolate and sex amazing!! Oh,it has been glorious 🙂
I have been knitting but at a slow pace and only for my family. I have made 2 hats this week and they both came out great.
First up was a rainbow hat for Vicious. I worked cables for the first time and fell in love with them. I see lots more cables in my future.


Not the best picture but you get the point haha. I added a pompom and she has yet to take the hat off.

Next up was a hat for Thing 2. It is just a basic hat but I added “hair” to the sides and braided it. She looks so stinking cute in it. Again these are not great pics but oh well. The kids were excited to finally get something, they will not take the hats off.



That about it for knitting. We spent Christmas home and it was great. My family came for Christmas dinner. Very laid back. I got a kitchen aid stand mixer finally!! I was so excited!!

Oh and my brother got me a gift card to the yarn store!!!i will post about what I bought in another post. It was a great Christmas.

Almost forgot…

I can’t believe I didn’t post this on one of my last entries. Oh well, better late then never.

I am part of a mommy group for ladies who kicked infertility in the nads. We held a Secret Santa and I received the most awesomely perfect gift in the history of gifts ever!!!

It’s a wine glad that reads “Knit one, Sip one”
Ahh, I love it!!
For a lady whom I have never met in real life, she sure does know me well.

I made it!!

Despite being down to the last possible seconds, I finished all my Christmas orders!! I was so relieved to bind off the last stitch and know that nothing else is due in the immediate future. It was as if I could breathe a little easier.

I did outsource one project since 1)I just didn’t have the time and 2) I was not confident in my ability to knit antlers. The finished product showed that I made the right decision in asking for help! The hat is adorable!!

See!?! How fricking adorable is this!! It was soooo hard to give it to the customer and not keep it for Thing 2 🙂

Now that the hustle of Christmas orders are a thing of the past I plan to fun knit until Christmas then I will start on my other,non-time frame, orders.

I am working on a hat for Vicious right now. I am using Cascade Pacific chunky in a rainbow color that she picked out.

Bad picture but oh well 🙂

Until next time Knit wits!!

Crunch time

I have been knitting like my dang life depends on it!! Holy balls, my hands are so tired. I have gotten a lot of projects finished though and I have 1 and half scarves left to make before Christmas in 9 days!!! Actually I need to have them finished by Thursday but I am shooting for Wednesday, we shall see.

In other news I am now over my phobia of scarf knitting. I don’t know what I was scared of. I think I may have had the wrong patterns for me.

That’s all for now. No time chat, got knitting to finish. 🙂

Here are a couple FO pics… Until next time keep stitchin Knitwits!!







Not dead, just knitting…

Oops, haven’t posted in a while and for that I am sorry. I am swamped with orders that HAVE to be finished ASAP! I had a great rhythm going, I was finishing a project a day and getting things marked off my white board. Then I get the texts saying that not one but TWO of the hats I have made recently are too small :O !!!!
So I had to put everything on hold and reknit a Minnie hat and a bear hat, both a size bigger. The Minnie hat is still a WIP but should be a FO by tomorrow.

Here are a couple things I have finished over the last week or so. I did take a break for thanksgiving, so not as much done as I had hoped but oh well.