Paying it forward.

Ever have that moment where you see people being giving and full of charity and you think “I am going to do the same thing!”? Well, if not then you have more self control than I do, lol. A friend of mine joined a pay it forward project in January and once I saw it I said “sign me up”. The rules were pretty simple, you say “I’m in” and they make you a handmade item and you get 5 people to join in and you make each of those 5 people a handmade item, and those 5 people each get 5 people to join and they make handmade items for them, and so on. You are supposed to have your items made and delivered by the end of 2014. I have made zero items for my five people. ZERO
I started on the first a few weeks ago, so maybe more like 0.5 🙂
So, my first PIF gift is a baby &child sophisticate. I bought the revised pattern but they do offer a free version of this pattern. I am knitting it with Universal yarn washable wool in color Aguae. I really like this yarn for kid knits. The wool in it allows me to block it while the acrylic/nylon in it allows it to be easy on a child’s skin and allows it to be washed. A huge plus for any garment that will come in contact with a tiny human.

I just have to finish the collar and sew on the buttons and done!

After this just 4 more handmade items and I will be all paid forward 😉

Not really a pay it forward, more of a shout out to an awesome Etsy store! Seans labels. I decided to add size labels to my hand knits and ended up ordering from this shop. Great quality labels, free shipping, fast shipping…I will order from this shop again. I was not paid or even asked to promote this shop. Just a great shop and I like to give props to people who go above and beyond when it comes to service and quality.

Well that’s about it knitters! Hope everyone has a great rest of the day! I will leave you with something fun:
Mine is Captivating Sock-tacular yarn 🙂
What’s yours?


11 thoughts on “Paying it forward.

  1. Why are you so down on yourself about the pay it forward? You have more than ten months to finish one thing and make 4 others. I know you can do it! And what fun when you get your handmade things. 🙂 I also joined a pay it forward thing in January, I can’t remember all the rules, but I think I have to do something nice for someone. Ut-oh. 🙂 I’d better go read the rules and be nicer. 🙂 I did pay for the dunkin donuts order of the car behind me a few weeks ago, I hope that counts. 🙂

    1. Very true. I think my crazy kicks in and when I sign up for stuff, I like to have t done right away. I was “that” kid in school. The one who did the project right away even though it wasn’t due for 3 weeks lol.
      Thanks for the encouragement!! And paying for another order totally counts! That is the best kind of surprise.

      1. Chill, relax, enjoy the process. 🙂 2 months per item and you will be done on time.

        I was the kid who procrastinated, can you tell? 🙂

      2. or we would have hated each other. 🙂 I was very good at figuring out the least amount I had to do each night to get it done, and then of course, not even doing that little bit, but a mad dash at the end. Many all nighters in college to type up papers. 🙂

      3. Haha. I am still the “just give it to me and I will do it” type. Homework in my house has to be done while I am doing other things since I am all let’s do it fast or just let me do it! Which is not helpful at all haha! 🙂

  2. Love the color of that sweater! Post a pic of the labels when you get them. I’ve been thinking of getting some labels for my knits that I make for others.
    Oh and my name is Trippy Peach Alpaca Yarn. Lol. 🙂

    1. Haha love that yarn name!!!
      I will most likely post pics in my next post. I *think* I posted a pic on Instagram but not 100% sure. They were in the other room when I posted this and I was being too lazy to go snap a pic of them haha.

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