Let’s talk about socks

For those that are new around here, I joined a Year long KAL hosted by KnittingSarah, to knit socks. The concept is simple, knit either a row, an entire sock or anything in between everyday for a year. I am a row or two kind of girl and haven’t complete many socks.
Well, a few weeks ago I decided to actually complete another pair of socks! I grabbed my needles and yarn and set off to make socks. I made A sock. Yep, one sock. Then decided I hated it and didn’t make the match.

The problem was the fit. And the holes!! Oh, the holes!!! First off I have huge feet. I wear a size 9 and they are wide. Cute, huh? πŸ™‚
Second up, I tried toe-up socks for the first time and the wedge toe increases made holes all along the toe. For these reasons I couldn’t live with this sock. So, I set off with larger size needles (I went from a size2 to a size 4) and a thin worsted weight yarn and started making socks I liked.
What I learned during this process is that toe-up socks work best(for me) using the magic loop method. This really did make a world of difference.
Those that are scared of magic loop, don’t be!! It is actually very simple and so much quicker than DPNs.

My first problem was the toe. It was very narrow the way the pattern I was using had it. I used Judy’s Magic cast on and it said to CO 10(5 per needle). This made a very pointy toe. So I changed it. I cast on 16(8 per needle) and began to work the wedge.
Now the original pattern had me doing the wedge increases by KFB on the first and last stitch on each needle. This made holes. I hate holes. No matter how tight or loose I tried to knit, it still had holes. After some trial and error I figured out a good increase that eliminated that problem. Instead of KFB, I increased by K1,m1, knit to 1 before the end,m1,k1(repeat for second needle) then knit a row even in between until I had 40 sts(20 per needle).
This really made a nice toe.

From there it was pretty basic. I knit even until I got to the heel.
Another plus of magic loop, so easy to try on socks while you knit them!
Once I got to the heel I did the sweet tomato heel. I have to say, this is my favorite heel! I don’t care for typical short rows, again due to holes. This eliminates holes and makes a nice round heel. I highly recommend this technique for a toe-up sock.

Now, the problem I am having is finding a bind-off I like. I tried a regular bind-off and it’s very tight. I then attempted the interlocking bind off and while it’s very stretchy, it doesn’t look very neat. I guess a bit more practice may change that. Hmm…

What bind-off do you like for toe-up socks?




You may be asking yourself “What is up with that yarn?” Well, I have no idea lol. It was variegated in places, striped in others and had no real rhyme or reason to it. It was good practice yarn though haha.

9 thoughts on “Let’s talk about socks

  1. You are so funny! I also have wide feet and so start my toe-ups with 10 stitches per needle. When I do my increases, I m1 by grabbing the loop from the wrong side of the row below and knitting it – no hole. I just recently learned Jeny’s stretchy bind off – very simple, very stretchy, looks fine – essentially you do a yo between each stitch, then lift two over one – easy to find directions by googling. Now, I have to go learn that tomato heel – I like no holes, too!

    The needle I have been using for the Sarah Sock KAL is one that Claire over at Mollie and Claire was using, I saw it in photos and asked her about it – an 8 inch circular. You can’t try the socks on as easily, but it is tiny and very manageable.

    I hope you are having as much fun making socks as I am – I feel very productive!

    1. I am so googling that bind off!! That sounds much easier then the interlocking one.
      I am using a 32″ circ and it seems to be going by fast. I am now a ML fan:)

      We should start a secret club for the large feet ladies haha.
      I am really liking knittin socks. And the new techniques are making it that much better. Finally finding my groove.

      1. I will have to google the ML and learn that. I never could quite figure it out. I also want to figure out the two at once thing, so I don’t get second sock syndrome. This KAL has been good for that, I finish one and move right on to the mate, but what will keep me going next year?

        Maybe we should start a thread in the KAL posts called “Jedi” or “abominable snowman” and see who gets that we are big foot? πŸ™‚

        Glad you are finding your groove and making socks with no holes that fit that you like!

      2. πŸ™‚ sorry about the coffee. I have those same fears about 2 at once, but still, so many people do it, so there must be a way…

  2. I was going to recommend Jeny’s stretchy bind off but I see I was beat πŸ™‚ I LOVE this bindoff and use it a lot. It takes more yarn and longer to achieve, but the end stretch is well worth it. Works great for sweater necks too.

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