Long time, no talk…type?

Wow!! I have been MIA in blogland for over a month!! How did that happen? I have been reading all the blogs I follow but no time to actually sit and type up anything. Or at least anything worth reading.
I have had a non-stop month. In the last month and a half I have had surery, end of year parties at school, field trips, field days at school, potty training Thing 2, knitting orders to fill and that’s on top of my regular everyday stuff! So busy!

So, to the knitting part of this post. I don’t have a whole ton to say about it all so I will just be posting pics and what not. Ready? Here we go.

Batman reversible hat
I made this with Berroco Comfort on size 9 needles. I made the chart and pretty much winged it from there. Turned out really well but it was a huge pain to double knit. Not sure I will using that technique often.

Newborn Aviator Hat
Made with Berrocco Comfort(I love this yarn) No patten was used. Just a basic newborn hat with “goggles” added. I would like to thank my Hubs for all the cutting and glueing to make the goggles. He did a pretty awesome job.

First Birthday Princess Crown
I made this with Redheart Super saver. I know, I know!! I feel a little sick just typing that and I felt bad for my needles but it’s what the customer requested and bought, so I had no choice. Again, a big thank you to my Hubs for cutting out the “1”. I can knit but cutting is not for me.

Tri-corner baby hat
This was knit with Plymouth Yarn Pasea. I loved working with this yarn. It is so soft and knits up quickly. Also, this is a close out on the Plymouth Yarn site if anyone wants to try it out for a discount.

One Seam Baby slippers
I used the same yarn as the hat since it was sent to the same baby. This was a gift for a friend who just had a little girl a few weeks ago. I absolutely love this pattern! So quick and so cute!! It took less than 45 minutes to knit these up, add buttons and wash them. This is my go to set for new babies.

Newborn Owl photo prop
This was also an off the too of my head knit. No pattern was used. Custom order with a diaper cover to match(next pic).


My Favorite Dragon Hat
Toothless hat. Vicious’ best friend LOVES How to Train Your Dragon. Like super obsessed love!! Since the second HTTYD movie is coming out on Friday 6/13, she had to have a toothless hat! (Toothless is her favorite dragon). I may knit Vicious a Viking hat with braids so they can wear them to the movie when they go on Friday.

Last but not least, here is a picture of what I won from Knitters Prides pic a day contest. I also won a deluxe set of Bamboo Interchangable needles but they haven’t arrived yet.

That about it readers! Hope to post more often now that things are calming down.
Happy Knitting Everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Long time, no talk…type?

  1. Love everything!!! They are all so cute!! Great variety of little hats! That little owl is to die for!
    I wasn’t aware you had surgery! (Not that I should have been lol) but I hope everything went well and you’re feeling better!

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