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Roll on Spring!

Buzy Day

Life on this side of the world has been rolling along! I can feel spring is on the way and my summer frocks and sandals are starting to call! Hope the winter has not been too cold for my summer wear and they have not shrunken a little bit! Hehe!

This week I managed to knit little I first saw this pattern in Funky Air Bear, a blog I follow, she used Marianna’s All-in-One Sleeveless Tops for young girls pattern. I used African Expressions – Harmony, 100% Merino Wool – colour 2281 knitted on a number 4mm needle and it should fit a one year old.

I have fallen in love with knitting cardigans from the neck down. No sewing and only two threads to sew away! Love it!

At present, I’m buzy tiding up loose ends. Will tell you more about this next week!


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Long time, no talk…type?

Wow!! I have been MIA in blogland for over a month!! How did that happen? I have been reading all the blogs I follow but no time to actually sit and type up anything. Or at least anything worth reading.
I have had a non-stop month. In the last month and a half I have had surery, end of year parties at school, field trips, field days at school, potty training Thing 2, knitting orders to fill and that’s on top of my regular everyday stuff! So busy!

So, to the knitting part of this post. I don’t have a whole ton to say about it all so I will just be posting pics and what not. Ready? Here we go.

Batman reversible hat
I made this with Berroco Comfort on size 9 needles. I made the chart and pretty much winged it from there. Turned out really well but it was a huge pain to double knit. Not sure I will using that technique often.

Newborn Aviator Hat
Made with Berrocco Comfort(I love this yarn) No patten was used. Just a basic newborn hat with “goggles” added. I would like to thank my Hubs for all the cutting and glueing to make the goggles. He did a pretty awesome job.

First Birthday Princess Crown
I made this with Redheart Super saver. I know, I know!! I feel a little sick just typing that and I felt bad for my needles but it’s what the customer requested and bought, so I had no choice. Again, a big thank you to my Hubs for cutting out the “1”. I can knit but cutting is not for me.

Tri-corner baby hat
This was knit with Plymouth Yarn Pasea. I loved working with this yarn. It is so soft and knits up quickly. Also, this is a close out on the Plymouth Yarn site if anyone wants to try it out for a discount.

One Seam Baby slippers
I used the same yarn as the hat since it was sent to the same baby. This was a gift for a friend who just had a little girl a few weeks ago. I absolutely love this pattern! So quick and so cute!! It took less than 45 minutes to knit these up, add buttons and wash them. This is my go to set for new babies.

Newborn Owl photo prop
This was also an off the too of my head knit. No pattern was used. Custom order with a diaper cover to match(next pic).


My Favorite Dragon Hat
Toothless hat. Vicious’ best friend LOVES How to Train Your Dragon. Like super obsessed love!! Since the second HTTYD movie is coming out on Friday 6/13, she had to have a toothless hat! (Toothless is her favorite dragon). I may knit Vicious a Viking hat with braids so they can wear them to the movie when they go on Friday.

Last but not least, here is a picture of what I won from Knitters Prides pic a day contest. I also won a deluxe set of Bamboo Interchangable needles but they haven’t arrived yet.

That about it readers! Hope to post more often now that things are calming down.
Happy Knitting Everyone!!

New techniques

This has been a slow week. I haven’t accomplished much. I worked some on my baby sophisticate but it still is not finished. I need to get on it since it’s a birthday gift and I have to give it to the birthday boy on Saturday! Yikes!!!

The main reason I haven’t finished is because I have been sick. I caught a stomach bug from my kids(thanks girls) and that had me down. That in turn caused my RA to flare so now I am sore. Good times!! It has been very hard to knit with joint pain. So, to combat this I learned a new technique.
I taught my self how to knit Portuguese style. This has been life changing!! It cause zero hand strain, purling is easier than knitting, and I have increased my speed!! All pluses!
I watched this video and went to town. I am using my neck right now to keep tension but I plan to get a knitting pin soon.

If you will remember from the last post, I am doing a photo a day challenge with Geeky Girl Knits and Knitters Pride. Well, this week one of my pictures was chosen as a finalist!! Sooo if anyone wants to hop over to Ravelry and vote for Pic A, well I would not be mad at you 😃

That’s it’s! Hopefully I will have some FOs for the next post.
Happy knitting

I’ve been given an award

I logged on today ready to get my read on, when I see a notification that I had been nominated for an award. This was really shocking since I can’t believe people actually read what I write…type? So, to see that someone not only reads it but nominated me for an award, was really a day brightener.

The award I have been nominated for is the Liebster award. Apparently it is given to blogs that have less than 1,000 followers to help promote their blog.

I really am honored!!I started this blog last summer as a way to discuss knitting and to connect with other knitters. I assumed I would post one or two entries and get bored, but once I started I couldn’t stop. I learn so much from the people I follow and have come to “know” so many interesting people. I get a little jolt of excitement seeing people stop by and read what I have to say. Such an interesting world the blog world is. I know my husband thanks you all for letting me get my knit talk on here instead of with him lol.

Big Thank You to Trish over at A Bunch of Everything!! Your blog is one of the first that I started following and have really enjoyed reading your posts. Your knitting is beautiful and I love the pictures of yarn you posts. Weird I know but I love looking at yarn, haha. I also want to thank you for introducing my to square needles! For this I will always be grateful 🙂


Here are the rules:

*Thank the person who has nominated you and link back to their blog (by posting a link on yours).
*Copy and display the award in your blogpost (save the pink image above and upload it to your own post).
*Answer the 11 questions about yourself, which are given to you by the person who nominated you.
*Write 11 random facts about yourself.
*Nominate 5 – 11 blogs/bloggers that you feel deserve the award. They need to have less than 1000 followers.
*Think of 11 new questions for the bloggers you have nominated and write them in your post.
*Inform the selected bloggers that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and link back to your own post so that they can learn about it (if they don’t already about it) and so that they know what questions to answer.
My answers to the 11 questions:

1.Which do you prefer, Coffee or Tea:  Coffee

2.Which do you like better, Summer or WinterSummer

3.What is your favorite holiday Halloween

4.Which do you prefer, Mountains or Beach Beach, except I don’t like the ocean.

5.If you could go anywhere in the world for vacation, where would you go Hawaii

6.What kind of movies do you like I like all kinds of movies. Comedies are probably my favorite though.

7.What is your favorite dessert Cheesecake!!!

8.What is your favorite Olympic sport I have no idea lol. Not really into the Olympics.

9.Favorite thing to do KNIT!!!!

10.What is your favorite Disney character Not sure, Maybe Ariel or Belle. Ariel because mermaids are awesome and Belle because she has that AMAZING library

11.What is your favorite food Tacos. I could eat tacos everyday if my family would let me.

11 Random facts about me:

  1. I have 2 children and both are girls.
  2. I bake from scratch because I have convinced myself its healthier therefore I can eat more and not feel bad.
  3. I love going to the dentist.
  4. I had braces from ages 15-21, and it was horrible.
  5. I have an almost unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who.
  6. I hate doing dishes!
  7. My favorite soda is mountain dew and I drink way too much of it.
  8. I could not live without my phone.
  9. I hate wearing shoes. This is a side effect of being raised in the south haha.
  10. I named my youngest child after a Fleetwood Mac song.
  11. I have been married for 7 years.


Blogs I nominate:

The 11 questions for my nominees:

  1. How many siblings do you have?
  2. What’s your favorite soda?
  3. Which do you like better cats or dogs?
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. What is your favorite food?
  6. What chore do you hate?
  7. Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?
  8. Which do you like better pool or ocean?
  9. What is your favorite time of day?
  10. If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
  11. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?


Knitting, Snow and the big 0-2.(pic heavy)


It has been a CRAZY week here in NC. We got a foot of snow!! Those who may not be aware, it NEVER snows in North Carolina. NEVER!!!! If we get anything it doesn’t stick and what does is gone within hours. So, this was a shock to us all. The kids had fun playing and the adults had fun sipping wine and staying indoors. Another thing you may not know about southerners, we don’t like the cold past age 12 🙂
Thankfully it’s started melting and will be back in the 70’s by mid week.





Due to being stuck inside all week, I was able to get some knitting finished.
I completed the wool diaper cover that was for an order and blocked it. It turned out really well.

This is what happens when you have to improvise blocking, haha. That is a can of hair spray and a bead holder. Just call me Macguyver 🙂
I had started a Baby Sophisticate and didn’t like it so I bought the revised pattern and am redoing it. Much happier with the results.

Ready to split it up for the sleeves and start the body.

BIG 0-2
Thing 2 turns 2 on Sunday!! How this happened, I have no idea. I can’t believe the tiny baby(well not that tiny, she was 8 pounds) that I have birth to is now a 2 year old toddler. This child is full of life and keeps me on my toes! She knows what she wants and goes after it, rules be damned. She is a lover and a fighter and everything in between. I see great things in this kids future. My rainbow baby is not quite a baby anymore 😦








Happy 2nd Birthday Rhiannon Hope

WIPs and weirdness

I think I have commitment issues. I just cannot seem to knit only one project at a time. Right now I have 4 projects in various stages of completion.
I am *trying* to work on the WIP that is for an order, seeing as how it has already been paid for and that is the responsible thing to do.
Let’s take a look at what’s on the needles right now, shall we…

First up is a wool diaper cover. I am knitting it in pink and purple, using Universal Yarn 100%wool. I really enjoy knitting these since they are basically just hats with butt flaps. They work up quick and no pattern is needed!!


Next up is a Baby Sophisticate. I have seen so many people knit these and wanted to give it a try. I am using Berrocco Vintage in color Aguae. It’s a washable wool and so soft. Perfect for a tiny human. Only problem I have is I don’t have a tiny human in mind for the FO. Oh, well. Friends are always popping out spawn so I doubt I will have to wait long to find a recipient.

I also purchased my FIRST pair of knitters pride cubix needles just for this project. I LOVE them!! I already live knitter pride needles but these are a whole new level of super awesomeness. First they are square so they are much easier to grip and second they don’t hurt my hands!! I have RA and certain needles are just not good for my hands, these are not one of those needles. I may be switching to these.

The last two WIPs consist of a 10 stitch blanket and an entrelac scarf. No photos right now but I hope to take some soon.

I will leave you all with a touch of weirdness.
We are redoing our kids bathroom and while looking for towel hooks on Amazon, I came across these gems. Who wouldn’t want this?


Happy Knitting 🙂

My new favorite

I began knitting shortly after I had Vicious. I told my husband since I was just a frumpy housewife might as well have a hobby! He went and got me a learn-to-knit kit and the rest is history. What was essentially my way of being dramatic about being bored, ended up being a true passion.
I learned to knit on metal Boye needles. They came with the kit and worked fine. They were my go-to needles when purchasing new needles. I used the metal/aluminum needles primarily until I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis(think rheumatoid arthritis) and was told that the metal needles were putting to much strain on my wrists and to either change to wood/bamboo needles or stop knitting.
Since not knitting was NOT an option, wood needles it was. I went and grabbed a couple pairs of Clover brand needles and went to work. I even began to like them better then my metal needles.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. The day after Christmas to be exact. I went to my LYS to spend a gift card I had received as a gift from my brother. I was not quiet to the amount with my purchases so I grabbed a pair of DPNs to make up the difference. I grabbed a set of size 10 DPNs Knitters Pride dreamz brand. OH MY GOD!!! I used them and they were AMAZING!!!
I went and bought 2 more sets yesterday!!

If you haven’t used these needles before, I highly recommend them! So smooth to knit with, light weight, warm and the colors are to dye for(see what I did there).

That’s all for now knitters. What are you favorite needles?

Taming Of the Flu…

I’m sick. Vicious is sick. Thing 2 is sick. Hubs is lysoling everything.
The only good part about having the flu(this will teach me not to get the flu shot) is that I can sit on the couch and knit all day. It is actually recommended that I do exactly that.
Not a lot of FO pictures since I haven’t had the energy to take any.
Here is a hat I finished and delivered last Friday.


That’s all for now. Will post again once I rid my house of all the icky. Stay warm and healthy!

Socks by any other name

I joined a sock KAL the other week and it officially starts on Wednesday. KnittingSarah is hosting it. If you haven’t checked it out yet I advise you do so, all the cool kids are doing it 🙂
I was really excited(and I am still am) for this KAL since essentially there are no rules except to knit some part of a sock everyday for a year!! You can use any pattern, any yarn, knit a row or knit a pair of socks! It’s all up to you!

The problem I seem to be having is while I have been knitting at least a couple of rows everyday, I can see the lack of finished projects already getting me a bit discouraged.
So I have changed the definition of sock!! Socks are now anything that cover the lower part of the body that isn’t pants! Ex: leg warmers 🙂

I have gotten a ton of orders for leg warmers, and since they are essentially knit exactly like a sock just without the heel and foot, I figured I will considered it a sock and therefor it counts for the KAL in Chasity land.

Hope you all join the KAL and have fun figuring out what socks are to you!
Happy Sunday Knitwits!

The happenings

Happy Sunday Knitters!! 

I have been on pins and needles excited all day waiting for tomorrow to come!! It’s like Christmas eve when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait for the day to hurry and end because you knew the BIG day was just hours away. That’s how I have felt all day today because…SCHOOL STARTS BACK TOMORROW!!!! I have been dreaming of this day for 2 weeks now. Vicious goes back to school..8 hours holla…and Thing 2 starts preschool …4 hours, thank you lord…and I get to sit and drink HOT(as opposed to luke warm) coffee,and watch grown up tv and knit things without tiny humans ripping my needles out because they neeeedddd something. Oh what a glorious day it will be, indeed! 

Now on to the What-have-yous of my weekend…..

First off I Joined a year long sock KAL, thanks to Rachel over at All night knitter. I know I have said in the past I was joining a KAL and never actually Knit a long BUT this time is different. Really it is!! First off my hubs has been begging for socks so it works that this is a sock KAL. Second there are no patterns to follow or rules or any of that hoopla that really turns me off from most KALs. This is just picking up and knitting either one row or a whole sock every day. Completely up to me. Love it. You can check out the details on KnittingSarahs page.  

Make sure you follow me on my Facebook and Instagram to check out all my socks and other things that are coming off my needles. I post there much more often..IE:daily…then I do here. 


Lets see…What else…

Ah yes the actual knitting. I have accomplished a few things this weekend. First off I finally took pictures of some of my FOs. 

Here is a picture of a Creeper Hat I made for the Hubs.

ImageFor those who don’t know, a Creeper is a bad guy from the video game Minecraft and they have a cameo appearance in the game Borderlands 2. Since my hubbo loves both games, he requested the hat. And since he is the one who works and keeps me in yarn money, when he asks for a hat I make it 🙂  My opinion may be biased but he looks really cute in the hat. Not kid cute, more like “How you doin’?” cute. 

Next up is a hat I made for a customer. 

ImageThey sent me a picture of a crocheted hat and said can you make this?. I said sure and this is what happened. Not to bad if I do say so myself. 

Last but not least, I made myself a hat. I rarely knit for myself and I have only ever made myself 1 thing in the past. (Well besides dish cloths) And since it is balls a$$ freezing here, I needed a hat. 

ImageI knit this with Malabrigo 100% merino wool. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hat!! It is so soft and so warm. I used the pattern The No ouchy slouchy. I had to adjust the decrease since there were a couple mistakes the way its written, but otherwise it came out great and I plan to knit another soon.

ImageNot quite slouchy enough yet but this is a before blocking picture (I know, I know, bad) but I wanted to have a pic for this post. 


Bad pic of me wearing it straight off the needles in my ugly tie dye shirt! 


I have also started a bit early on the sock KAL. 

ImageI am using Universal Yarn 100% wool worsted weight with 2 strands held together. The pattern is a VERY altered version of the sasquatch slipper sock. My hubs foot is no where near a size 12 so I will have to cut back on a few of the measurements but otherwise I think it will be a great pattern. I have only knit and completed one other pair of socks,so I am going with simple. 


Right now I am also working on a bunch of baby leg warmers for customers and I have had more orders for the Minnie Hat. Hopefully I will have a bunch of that knocked out soon since THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!


That’s it for now. Off to pack up back packs since THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!! I am just a little excited about the kids going back to school in case you couldn’t tell 😉 

Happy Knitting!!!