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My new favorite

I began knitting shortly after I had Vicious. I told my husband since I was just a frumpy housewife might as well have a hobby! He went and got me a learn-to-knit kit and the rest is history. What was essentially my way of being dramatic about being bored, ended up being a true passion.
I learned to knit on metal Boye needles. They came with the kit and worked fine. They were my go-to needles when purchasing new needles. I used the metal/aluminum needles primarily until I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis(think rheumatoid arthritis) and was told that the metal needles were putting to much strain on my wrists and to either change to wood/bamboo needles or stop knitting.
Since not knitting was NOT an option, wood needles it was. I went and grabbed a couple pairs of Clover brand needles and went to work. I even began to like them better then my metal needles.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. The day after Christmas to be exact. I went to my LYS to spend a gift card I had received as a gift from my brother. I was not quiet to the amount with my purchases so I grabbed a pair of DPNs to make up the difference. I grabbed a set of size 10 DPNs Knitters Pride dreamz brand. OH MY GOD!!! I used them and they were AMAZING!!!
I went and bought 2 more sets yesterday!!

If you haven’t used these needles before, I highly recommend them! So smooth to knit with, light weight, warm and the colors are to dye for(see what I did there).

That’s all for now knitters. What are you favorite needles?

What’s been going on

I have been taking a break for a couple days. Attempting to get stuff done around my house and get my oldest ready for school. 3 more days until I get to send her back to school!!
I have also been trying to organize my yarn and see what I needed to get for all my orders. I finally have the orders in ummm order. And know what needs to be done when. Knowing is half the battle, or so says GI Joe.

Anywho… I went to therapy aka the yarn store the other day and bought most of what I need to get started on my orders.



Oh I did finish one hat but I think I will add a flower to it since it seems like it missing something.


That’s about it for now. Hoping to crank out a couple hats this weekend but we will see how it goes.