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What I’ve been up to

I finally finished the Baby and Child sophisticate!!! It turned out so cute!!


Seriously, how stinking cute are those buttons!! I knit this in the 12month size and it was a super quick knit once I actually sat down and worked on it. I plan to make several more of these for my kiddos and for some friends.

Next on my knit to-do list was learn to knit a toe-up sock. I went onto Ravelry and found a pattern and set to work. I used the Basic toe up sock pattern. This pattern was very easy to follow and the socks turned out great. I used Universal yarns Bamboo pop in color Pastel swirl. I LOVE this yarn!!!
I did have trouble figuring out the cast on but I watched this video and got the hang of it rather quickly. I think toe up is my new fave way to knit socks.
My next new technique was the sweet tomato heel. It is a type Of short row heel that doesn’t have wraps. Wait..short rows without wraps you say? YES!! Short rows without wraps!! I loved this heel. No snags or holes from picking up those dang wraps. Just a nice smooth, well fit heel. I used this video to figure out the heel and can’t wait to knit another pair of these socks.


I started my next PIF project this weekend also. Yes, I know I have all year but I just HAVE to get them done. It is really bothering me lol. I decided for the next one I would make a highway hat! I saw a picture of one and knew I had to make it. So, since I was too lazy to find a pattern and it looked fairly easy, I grabbed a bunch of yarn in colors I thought would work and did this…

I order car buttons to sew onto the “road” to add detail. Can’t wait for those to arrive and ship off PIF #2.

Last but not least, I started and restarted a slouchy hat for an order. I have no idea what was wrong with this hat but it did not want to be told what to do. I kept finding holes or the yarn wouldn’t tighten properly or the tension would go all wonky in spots for no reason. It was really irritating! By the 5th time ripping it out and starting over, I decided to double strand it and that seems to be doing the trick. I do not want to rip this hat again. It’s already one step away from going into a time out.


That’s about it for now. Hope everyone has a happy Monday.


Yarn crawl Day 3 & MKAL #1

I hit 2 more yarn stores today bringing my total to 7 out of 13. I most likely am finished with the yarn crawl, the other 6 stores are about 45 minutes to an hour away and I am beat. I overdid it helping at Vicious’ school this week so I plan to just rest the weekend. Hopefully next year I can make it to all the shops. I am just proud that I attempted the crawl this year.
Since I am having issues getting around this week my hubby played chauffeur today and drove me around to the yarn shops! I was shocked that A: he agreed to do this and B: that he went in the yarn shop! He has never stepped foot into a yarn store. It was great spending time doing something I love with him, and he was really interested in the yarn! It was a great day.

My first stop was at Basket of yarn. This was a funky store. It had rooms off of rooms and you kind of had to weave through them to see what the next one held. The register was at the back of the store,not the front, so you are forced to walk through and look at everything in order to buy stuff. Well played my knittas, well played! 🙂
They have a room just for sitting and knitting (or crocheting). It was really interesting. I got a ball of the softest yarn I have ever touched! It is 50%cotton 50% bamboo. None Of the other stores I have been to had this yarn and I am now planning on going back to get more. My husband said while at the store ” buy some yarn if you want”! He is a keeper! They gave out free tape measures for the crawl, and they have a clip on it so I can attach it to my keys for when I knit in public and forget my notions bag. Thank you Basket of Yarn!




How bad ass is that grumpy sock monkey!?!



Next up was Yarnhouse. I did not like this store AT ALL!! Their prices were outrageous, they didn’t have a ton of inventory and the owner was so rude and anti social. When I walk into a shop I love being greeted and asked if I need help. I love the chit chat between employees and seeing them also knit or crochet while working. This guy did none of that. I walked in,he stamped my paper, and said the pattern and sale info is on the table and then walked to the other side of the store! He didn’t say another word to us the whole time we were there. I will not be going back there. They did have some interesting displays though.




I also finished the first dishcloth for this weeks MKAL. It is a cat!! Took me a while to figure out what it was. Now to knit the other two patterns and find out what they are. I haven’t peeked yet, how’s that for self control? Here are some pics of the dishcloth progress. Hoping to finish the rest this weekend.