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Busy as a bee

I have been knitting like my life depends on it! I am surprised my needles haven’t caught fire as much as I have been putting them to work. On a good note it’s looking like I will actually finish all my Christmas order in time.
Here is a little peek at what I have been up to.
First I finished the baby leg warmers and mailed them off. Funny story about the leg warmers. I mailed them off and they arrived to the recipient on Saturday November 16, which was amazing since her baby was due on December 2nd. Well her baby had other plans and was born on Sunday November 17!!! I literally got those things done just in time!! She looked adorable in them and I was so tickled to see the pics of a new baby in something I made.


I then knit up another Minnie Mouse hat and gloves to match. These gloves gave me a hell of a time. It took five tries to get the fingers to not look all wonky, but in the end I was pleased and so was the recipient. I just hope they fit her daughter and she’s really happy. Since she is Vicious teacher I would like to keep her happy lol 🙂



After that was finished I whipped up another plain black hat with a flower. Well, kind of. The black hat was already made. I had knit it as the first mouse hat for the teacher but once I gave it a bath and let it dry, it went from fitting a four year old to fitting me!! How does this happen? Usually wool gets smaller if washed not bigger. I have no idea, so I am just saying that skein was cursed. It worked out either way and went to a lady for her neice.

Last but not least was my birthday gift for my brother. He asked for a R2D2 hat like a year ago so I finally made it!! Who is the best sister ever? This girl!


That’s it for now! I am currently working on a scarf. It’s coming along nicely and I hope to have it finished by tomorrow. Happy knitting everyone 🙂


MKAL and Potty training

It is that time every mother/father/legal guardian/day care teacher dreads… Potty training!!! Thing 2 is 19 months old now and since I plan to have her potty trained by the time she turns 2 in February, I have to start now. Vicious was the easiest kid to train, but I do not think it will be that easy this time around.

The potty is a little pervy looking to me. See the eyes, what are they looking at?

Anyway I figure it is the perfect time since I have a MKAL starting in 2 days. I can sit on my stool in the bathroom with Thing 2 and knit dishcloths. I knit a hat while training Vicious. Can’t wait to see what the first pattern is!!

Ahead of schedule

I am finished with all of my September orders!! How did this happen? I am never finished this early. Oh well I shall celebrate this amazing feat by working on some of my WIPs and acknowledging my children again haha.

Labor Day weekend seems like the perfect time to relax and only work on my projects. Not orders. I will start on Octobers orders after the holiday.

I may start trying to figure out the rest of my Christmas gifts as well since I am not on a dead line right now. Oh the things I can do when I don’t “have” to knit!!

What’s next?

I have spent the last several months knitting hat after hat after hat.  Everyone I know decided this was the year to have babies and what better gift then a cute little hat to cover a bald little human head.  Now that the last hat is in the finishing stages, I need to start on my gifts for Christmas.  Only problem is I have no idea what to knit!!!

I am thinking maybe mittens for the nieces and nephews, hand towels for the inlaws and grandparents. Not sure what will be put on the needles for the men in the family.  I am ready to get away from the round and round of hats for a bit though. Stay tuned for what is to come…