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The big three zero!

Today is my birthday!! My 30th birthday to be exact and it has been a pretty awesome day.


It started off with Thing 2 waking me up with a big smooch and a “hap burpy” which is “happy birthday” in toddler-ese. Followed by Vicious waking up and doing the same only with better enunciation 🙂
Since I have the best friends ever, I was greeted by an out pouring of love and sweet words on Facebook.
Good stuff!

The only crappy part is that Mother Nature gave me the crud 😦 Stupid headcold, couldn’t have waited until tomorrow to invade?
Oh well, I was gifted with wine and cold meds(from different people) so I showed those germs who is boss!

That’s about it! Not much knitting going on the last fee days but I did receive yarn as a birthday gift from my BFF!