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Losing my rhythm

I am losing my good rhythm I had going there for a while. I have so much to knit that I need that rhythm to stick around. Part of it is my eyes. They are not that great to begin with and knitting with size 2 and size 4 needles for days on end have not been the best for my eyes. On a good note I have finished 2 out of 4 pairs of baby leg warmers.

I have started on the third pair but had to take a break to give my eyes a chance to rest. I am using this pattern for the leg warmers and other then my eyes I have had no problems with them. They knit up quick and are so stinking cute! I can’t wait to have then finished and see them on the baby they are for.

For now I am working on a diaper soaker for a friends little boy. I made a size medium and it just looked small so I frogged it and I am now trying the largest size. I found a super simple pattern on Ravelry for the soaker. It is basically a hat with leg holes haha. Hoping I have it finished tonight and get some of my motivation back.
I have a ton of orders and only about 6 weeks to complete them. 1 is needed by November 6 but it is just a newborn bear hat so I should be able to whip it up in no time.

Happy Knitting!

My models

I love seeing my FO being used. It really makes me feel great to know that the things I work so hard on are not just being thrown in a drawer somewhere. So here are a few pictures of some of my projects being “modeled”.


Pooh bear new born prop. How cute is she?



Just look at that tush!!!


Same baby but older and wearing the infamous pumpkin hat!


Mouse hat!! The first one I made.


Another mouse hat!!


Pink spingish hat. This one is neat since this is the second child to wear this hat! I don’t have a pic of the original owner but I love that it is still being used by new babies!


Jester hat!! Adorable!!


Old pic of Thing 2 rocking her booties I made her.



I made her this whole outfit to come home in from the hospital but since she was enormous none of it fit except the booties.

Thing 2 rocking her “knitty Titty”. Love these hats.



Old pictures of Vicious modeling a monster hat and a head band!


Not anything I made but here is a picture of Vicious making my Pom poms. Child labor at its best 🙂

Now off to finish up the hat I am working on and start on a diaper cover!

It was worth it

The pumpkin hat was so worth all the trials and frustration I went through to make it. The recipient looks darling in it.

Here is a pic of her in the original:


See way to big for that tiny baby. I had to remake it. But it only took a day so no biggie and I let her keep the too big one so maybe it will fit next year.

Here she is in the new hat. It is the correct size and everything.


So much happier in the proper sized hat 🙂