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Yarn crawl Day 3 & MKAL #1

I hit 2 more yarn stores today bringing my total to 7 out of 13. I most likely am finished with the yarn crawl, the other 6 stores are about 45 minutes to an hour away and I am beat. I overdid it helping at Vicious’ school this week so I plan to just rest the weekend. Hopefully next year I can make it to all the shops. I am just proud that I attempted the crawl this year.
Since I am having issues getting around this week my hubby played chauffeur today and drove me around to the yarn shops! I was shocked that A: he agreed to do this and B: that he went in the yarn shop! He has never stepped foot into a yarn store. It was great spending time doing something I love with him, and he was really interested in the yarn! It was a great day.

My first stop was at Basket of yarn. This was a funky store. It had rooms off of rooms and you kind of had to weave through them to see what the next one held. The register was at the back of the store,not the front, so you are forced to walk through and look at everything in order to buy stuff. Well played my knittas, well played! 🙂
They have a room just for sitting and knitting (or crocheting). It was really interesting. I got a ball of the softest yarn I have ever touched! It is 50%cotton 50% bamboo. None Of the other stores I have been to had this yarn and I am now planning on going back to get more. My husband said while at the store ” buy some yarn if you want”! He is a keeper! They gave out free tape measures for the crawl, and they have a clip on it so I can attach it to my keys for when I knit in public and forget my notions bag. Thank you Basket of Yarn!




How bad ass is that grumpy sock monkey!?!



Next up was Yarnhouse. I did not like this store AT ALL!! Their prices were outrageous, they didn’t have a ton of inventory and the owner was so rude and anti social. When I walk into a shop I love being greeted and asked if I need help. I love the chit chat between employees and seeing them also knit or crochet while working. This guy did none of that. I walked in,he stamped my paper, and said the pattern and sale info is on the table and then walked to the other side of the store! He didn’t say another word to us the whole time we were there. I will not be going back there. They did have some interesting displays though.




I also finished the first dishcloth for this weeks MKAL. It is a cat!! Took me a while to figure out what it was. Now to knit the other two patterns and find out what they are. I haven’t peeked yet, how’s that for self control? Here are some pics of the dishcloth progress. Hoping to finish the rest this weekend.




MKAL and Potty training

It is that time every mother/father/legal guardian/day care teacher dreads… Potty training!!! Thing 2 is 19 months old now and since I plan to have her potty trained by the time she turns 2 in February, I have to start now. Vicious was the easiest kid to train, but I do not think it will be that easy this time around.

The potty is a little pervy looking to me. See the eyes, what are they looking at?

Anyway I figure it is the perfect time since I have a MKAL starting in 2 days. I can sit on my stool in the bathroom with Thing 2 and knit dishcloths. I knit a hat while training Vicious. Can’t wait to see what the first pattern is!!


I just joined my second KAL but the first one I will actually do.

I joined one over the summer to make a shawl and quickly realized I am not the shawl making type. I believe I did the first 2 weeks and then ripped it out and made a hat. I have zero follow through for large projects. I always say I am going to knit up these amazing scarves or shawls and it never happens. One day I will learn my lesson and stick to hats and mittens.

Anyway, I joined a holiday KAL to knit dish cloths. Dish cloths I finish. Since I plan to give out cloths for gifts this seemed like the perfect KAL for me.

It is The Yarn Attics “Holiday Dish cloth Mystery KAL” . She plans to release 3 patterns a week for 4 weeks. 12 patterns in all.

She has the materials listed and I have most of what is needed already, so I am basically set to begin come October 1st.


Is my geek showing?

I love Doctor Who, so when I found patterns for Doctor who dishcloths I was a happy happy geeky girl!!

Holynarf on Ravelry has to be the best geek girl ever to come up with these patterns. So simple, such a quick knit. I was almost giddy knitting these washcloths and plan to make the rest of her patterns to give to my fellow geekilicious gal pals.

Click here to check out her stuff.

Those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, you must watch this show!! Start with the 2005 episodes and work your way up. Then go watch the originals because they are also amazing!! I think the 4th Doctor is one of my faves out of the classic Doctors.

Anywho..:) … Here are some pics. I knit the Dalek and the Angels have the blue box cloths.



And some random geekiness to get you through the day.




Whip up my WIPs

I spent all day yesterday getting my half finished projects completed. I turned of the computer, turned on some music, invited my oldest kids friend over, put the baby in a nap, and knit until I finished SOMETHING!

My mother in law loves hand knit dish cloths so I usually have atleast one on my needles at all time. She thinks they are the best gifts ever and I can make them in my sleep when I actually pick up the project and do it.


Very simple but it’s finished and that’s what matters. I ended up blocking it since the bond off corner was doing something weird and the blocking made it not look wonky. I will stick this in my bin for Christmas gifts.

I then picked up that football hat that I was so sure was going to be quick and finished it. I was correct, it was quick when I actually worked on it. It turned out so cute!! I plan to make another for my nephew for Christmas but with a different team patch. This is for a little boy turning the big 0-1 and his mom is a huge steelers fan. I can’t wait to send it to them.


I have been dying to make a granny square crochet blanket but the problem I was having was I didn’t know how to crochet. So to solve that problem I sat down and finally taught myself. Granted I can only do a single crochet right now but you got to start somewhere right? I made what will eventually be another dish cloth.


All in all it was a very productive day. I always feel so accomplished when thing are finished. Now to start on some of my orders and finish my entrelac scarf. Got to have atleast one WIP around. 🙂