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I did it

For some time now I have had customers, especially repeat customers, ask when I was going to open an Etsy shop. I was reluctant to do so since it seemed like a lot of hassle and I already have a steady stream of custom orders just from word of mouth. Well last night I took the plunge and started a shop! Right now it’s just a few items but I plan to add more in the coming weeks.
Check out my shop and favorite it so you can see the updates and added items!

Also I have an Instagram page you should follow! I will have coupon codes and giveaways in the upcoming weeks that I will be posting there.

Hope everyone will check it out. Happy knitting.

What do you do?

Those of you that sell your items, what is your method? Do you have an Etsy store? Do you have a facebook page? A corner shelf in a local shop?

Right now I am strictly word of mouth. I do minimal advertising. I will post on my facebook things like “I have 3 spots left” but that is about it. I also like to keep it around 7 or less orders per month. I also take orders usually a month or two in advance so I am not rushed.

I don’t want my love of knitting to become work. I don’t like to be stressed when I knit and I think having more orders or a store would be very stressful. I like having time to knit for fun and not just knit for profit.

So what are everywhere else’s opinions?

Quick Rave

I am sitting here sewing my labels onto my hand knits and realized that these are some of the best labels I have ever used. Great quality, sturdy, doesn’t fray. I just adore these.

I found them in Etsy by Mountian Street arts. They did not tell me to write this or offer me anything to give them praise. I just know good quality when I find it and wanted to share. Here is a link to her store. I am in the process of trying to pick out my next order.