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Is my geek showing?

I love Doctor Who, so when I found patterns for Doctor who dishcloths I was a happy happy geeky girl!!

Holynarf on Ravelry has to be the best geek girl ever to come up with these patterns. So simple, such a quick knit. I was almost giddy knitting these washcloths and plan to make the rest of her patterns to give to my fellow geekilicious gal pals.

Click here to check out her stuff.

Those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, you must watch this show!! Start with the 2005 episodes and work your way up. Then go watch the originals because they are also amazing!! I think the 4th Doctor is one of my faves out of the classic Doctors.

Anywho..:) … Here are some pics. I knit the Dalek and the Angels have the blue box cloths.



And some random geekiness to get you through the day.