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My new yarn!

I am blessed to have the best brother in the whole world! He is single and has no bills, so when holidays come around he gets everyone the best stuff. This year was no different. He gave the girls movies they had been wanting and he got me a $50 gift card to my LYS!!!! Ahhh!!! See, best brother ever!!!!

Since I have no self control and since I was so excited to have fun money for yarn, I went and spent that gift card on December 26!! I dropped the kidlets at my moms and me and the hubs went and walked around the yarn store for over an hour. It was amazing!!!

Here is what I got:

Malabrigo 100% merino

I have been lusting over this yarn for about a year or so now. While it isn’t terribly expensive, it’s always been considered a “splurge” and I could never bring myself to spend the $15 on it. This was the first thing I grabbed when I walked into the store. I am thinking about making myself a slouchy hat with this. I am so in love with this yarn and so happy that I finally own it.

Next up was this beauty
Swizzle 100% superfine alpaca

This yarn is sooooo soft!! The pink,purple and black all look so cute together. I would never have bought something like this on my own. It was nice to spend money that wasn’t mine and that I didn’t feel guilty about. Not quite sure what this will be yet but it sure is nice to pet it until I decide what it will be.

Last but not least was
Berrocco Vintage

I have several skeins of this brand but I really liked this color way so I bought it!!

All in all I am very happy with my new yarn and can’t wait to cast on with them.

Ps: Sorry about the crappy pictures. My camera is broke so every thing is taken with my phone.

Almost forgot…

I can’t believe I didn’t post this on one of my last entries. Oh well, better late then never.

I am part of a mommy group for ladies who kicked infertility in the nads. We held a Secret Santa and I received the most awesomely perfect gift in the history of gifts ever!!!

It’s a wine glad that reads “Knit one, Sip one”
Ahh, I love it!!
For a lady whom I have never met in real life, she sure does know me well.

Ahead of schedule

I am finished with all of my September orders!! How did this happen? I am never finished this early. Oh well I shall celebrate this amazing feat by working on some of my WIPs and acknowledging my children again haha.

Labor Day weekend seems like the perfect time to relax and only work on my projects. Not orders. I will start on Octobers orders after the holiday.

I may start trying to figure out the rest of my Christmas gifts as well since I am not on a dead line right now. Oh the things I can do when I don’t “have” to knit!!

Whip up my WIPs

I spent all day yesterday getting my half finished projects completed. I turned of the computer, turned on some music, invited my oldest kids friend over, put the baby in a nap, and knit until I finished SOMETHING!

My mother in law loves hand knit dish cloths so I usually have atleast one on my needles at all time. She thinks they are the best gifts ever and I can make them in my sleep when I actually pick up the project and do it.


Very simple but it’s finished and that’s what matters. I ended up blocking it since the bond off corner was doing something weird and the blocking made it not look wonky. I will stick this in my bin for Christmas gifts.

I then picked up that football hat that I was so sure was going to be quick and finished it. I was correct, it was quick when I actually worked on it. It turned out so cute!! I plan to make another for my nephew for Christmas but with a different team patch. This is for a little boy turning the big 0-1 and his mom is a huge steelers fan. I can’t wait to send it to them.


I have been dying to make a granny square crochet blanket but the problem I was having was I didn’t know how to crochet. So to solve that problem I sat down and finally taught myself. Granted I can only do a single crochet right now but you got to start somewhere right? I made what will eventually be another dish cloth.


All in all it was a very productive day. I always feel so accomplished when thing are finished. Now to start on some of my orders and finish my entrelac scarf. Got to have atleast one WIP around. 🙂

What’s next?

I have spent the last several months knitting hat after hat after hat.  Everyone I know decided this was the year to have babies and what better gift then a cute little hat to cover a bald little human head.  Now that the last hat is in the finishing stages, I need to start on my gifts for Christmas.  Only problem is I have no idea what to knit!!!

I am thinking maybe mittens for the nieces and nephews, hand towels for the inlaws and grandparents. Not sure what will be put on the needles for the men in the family.  I am ready to get away from the round and round of hats for a bit though. Stay tuned for what is to come…