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Orders galore

I have been swamped with custom orders since opening my Etsy shop! I am loving it. So here is a few pics of what I have knit by request:

A shark hat for a little girls birthday!!
The kid in the picture is Vicious, not the recipient lol.

Baby sandals!! How stinking cute are these? Love them!! This is just one of several orders I have gotten.

I also have made a watermelon hat that I have away as a Instagram giveaway. Don’t have pictures yet but plan to snap a few before I mail it off.

Lastly a little happy moment for me. A dear friend had noticed I had been a little down in the dumps due all my health issues. Well she ordered me a present and it arrived yesterday. I was over the moon excited!!


Just another manic Monday

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! It was sunny and warm here and I enjoyed every second of it. What I didn’t care for was the dang time change!! Anyone struggling because of the lost hour?
I know I am. I overslept today, so Vicious was late for school. Since she is so anal about being on time and things being perfect, this did not go over well. *ugh* On the bright side, since it is Monday, Thing 2 has school so I am now able to relax for a bit.

This describes my day, haha 🙂

Now on to what’s important…Knitting
I have a horrible case of start-itis lately. I have so many projects that I have started, half way completed, then started something else. I was able to finish one hat this weekend and deliver it to it’s forever home.

Next up I started another pair of socks. I am attempting to teach myself toe-up magic loop and after several tries I think I finally have the hang of it.

Just the toe right now but it is going pretty quickly.
Now you may be asking, “what happened to the last pair of socks you were making?” I didn’t like them and so I ripped them out and started these. The issue I had with my last pair of toe up socks was they had holes in them. I did Judy’s magic cast on and a wedge toe. To do the wedge toe you KFB into the first and last stitch on each needle. Well, this made holes in my sock no matter how tight I tried to knit. So, now I am using the M1 method in between the first and second stitch on each needle and the last two stitches on every needle. Now, no holes and a much better shape for the toe.

I also started a shirt for Vicious. I went into my LYS and saw a sample of the prettiest pullover and knew that I had to make it. It is the Berry Blossom Pullover from Universal Yarn. It is in the new Ebook Bamboo Pop kids. You can purchase it from the Universal Yarn site.

This photo is Copyright Universal yarn.

That’s all knitters and friends. Hope you all enjoy your week! Here’s a little diddyy to get you through the day 🙂

What I’ve been up to

I finally finished the Baby and Child sophisticate!!! It turned out so cute!!


Seriously, how stinking cute are those buttons!! I knit this in the 12month size and it was a super quick knit once I actually sat down and worked on it. I plan to make several more of these for my kiddos and for some friends.

Next on my knit to-do list was learn to knit a toe-up sock. I went onto Ravelry and found a pattern and set to work. I used the Basic toe up sock pattern. This pattern was very easy to follow and the socks turned out great. I used Universal yarns Bamboo pop in color Pastel swirl. I LOVE this yarn!!!
I did have trouble figuring out the cast on but I watched this video and got the hang of it rather quickly. I think toe up is my new fave way to knit socks.
My next new technique was the sweet tomato heel. It is a type Of short row heel that doesn’t have wraps. Wait..short rows without wraps you say? YES!! Short rows without wraps!! I loved this heel. No snags or holes from picking up those dang wraps. Just a nice smooth, well fit heel. I used this video to figure out the heel and can’t wait to knit another pair of these socks.


I started my next PIF project this weekend also. Yes, I know I have all year but I just HAVE to get them done. It is really bothering me lol. I decided for the next one I would make a highway hat! I saw a picture of one and knew I had to make it. So, since I was too lazy to find a pattern and it looked fairly easy, I grabbed a bunch of yarn in colors I thought would work and did this…

I order car buttons to sew onto the “road” to add detail. Can’t wait for those to arrive and ship off PIF #2.

Last but not least, I started and restarted a slouchy hat for an order. I have no idea what was wrong with this hat but it did not want to be told what to do. I kept finding holes or the yarn wouldn’t tighten properly or the tension would go all wonky in spots for no reason. It was really irritating! By the 5th time ripping it out and starting over, I decided to double strand it and that seems to be doing the trick. I do not want to rip this hat again. It’s already one step away from going into a time out.


That’s about it for now. Hope everyone has a happy Monday.


What day is it?

My days seem to be running into one another. This month has been a huge cluster f$$k of craptasticness.

First off Vicious got glasses, which are adorable on her. The only issue was for the first week she wore them she got horrible migraines and couldn’t do anything, including go to school! So she missed several day due to headaches. No biggie.

Adorable right!?!
Anyhoo, her eyes adjust to the glasses and she is ready to go back to school then BAM!! We all get the flu!!!
Let me tell you, the flu is horrible!! Don’t get it!!!
Again out of school. This time for both vicious and Thing 2.

After I get everyone well again it decides to freaking snow!!! I live in the south and all the stereotypes about them shutting down everything for bad weather is true!! No school again. Heck we had a delay today jut because it was COLD!!
This is our snow day.


So, this was my long winded way of saying not much knitting has happened this month.
I did make some baby leg warmers and a couple hats but that’s about it. I started a scrap yarn 10 stitch blanket today to help get rid of my odds and ends. I will have to link the pattern next time since I am on my phone right now.

Hope everyone else has had better luck at knitting this month and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the dang groundhog doesn’t see his shadow this weekend 🙂




Losing my rhythm

I am losing my good rhythm I had going there for a while. I have so much to knit that I need that rhythm to stick around. Part of it is my eyes. They are not that great to begin with and knitting with size 2 and size 4 needles for days on end have not been the best for my eyes. On a good note I have finished 2 out of 4 pairs of baby leg warmers.

I have started on the third pair but had to take a break to give my eyes a chance to rest. I am using this pattern for the leg warmers and other then my eyes I have had no problems with them. They knit up quick and are so stinking cute! I can’t wait to have then finished and see them on the baby they are for.

For now I am working on a diaper soaker for a friends little boy. I made a size medium and it just looked small so I frogged it and I am now trying the largest size. I found a super simple pattern on Ravelry for the soaker. It is basically a hat with leg holes haha. Hoping I have it finished tonight and get some of my motivation back.
I have a ton of orders and only about 6 weeks to complete them. 1 is needed by November 6 but it is just a newborn bear hat so I should be able to whip it up in no time.

Happy Knitting!

New Stuff (bought, cleaned and made)

I spent the week knitting and organizing my yarn.  My yarn used to live in a big blue rubbermaid bin and it was such a pain to find what I needed when I needed it. I finally got fed up and decided to actually organize it into bins that are accessible and that Thing 2 can’t get to. Here it is:


All my yarn in separate bins, nice and neat, where I can find it easily.

While I was at it I organized my shipping supplies and do-dads.


I am in so much happier with how everything has a place and it isn’t all just stuffed here and there.

Now on to my new goodies that arrived this week.  First up my business cards:

Pretty snazzy,huh?
Pretty snazzy,huh?








Then there was the samples of Eucalan wool wash that I have been giving as a free gift with all wool knit purchases.

I got the lavender, grapefruit, and Eucalyptus scents.
I got the lavender, grapefruit, and Eucalyptus scents.

After that I got stickers that read “Thank you for buying hand made” that I stick on the outside of my mailers.


I spent the weekend finishing up a hat for Vicious assistant teacher. She ordered a Hello Kitty hat and for what ever reason this hat gave me a hard time. I made this hat for Vicious a while back but trying to recreate it and to size it down was not going that well. I had to frog the whole thing once and then frogged just the decrease portion on the second attempt. The ears just didn’t sit right and it was bumpy. Not sure if that makes sense but once I ripped out the decrease and added a few straight knit rows in between the decrease rows everything came together much better. The hat has had a bath and is drying right now. Hoping to add the bow and the face tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Did anyone get any WIPs whipped up? Anything fun happen?


How I price

I have been asked by customers and by other bloggers how I price my hand knit items. I do everything by a set price plus cost of yarn. I do this for 2 reasons, 1) It makes it simple for me to remember what I quoted to which customer and 2) I really LOVE to knit and want people to enjoy the things I make and by having a set price it seems to bring in return customers a lot. I couldn’t imagine paying $20 for a hat, so why would I charge someone else that price. I will be knitting either way so if I can make a couple dollars while at it great, but I don’t want to make it a job or have people iffy about coming to me for things because they have sticker shock. With that said her is my list. I have this also in PDF form that I send out to people when they show interest in ordering:

Pricing Guide
All prices quoted are that price PLUS cost of yarn, unless otherwise stated. Yarn prices depend on what materials you want.
1. Hats (all sizes) $10
2. Gloves/Mitten Child $8
Adult $12
3. Socks(Price includes yarn) Child $12
Adult $15
4. Scarves Child $15
Adult $20
5. Dish cloths(price includes yarn) $3
6. Hand Towels(Price includes yarn) $6
All other Items are priced per order.

I find these to be fair prices and I don’t feel like I am losing any money doing it this way.

I actually feel like I am gaining since I don’t give back left over yarn(one of my rules) so I always have extras to use for personal use(BONUS) and I use the money I make to buy more yarn!!

So thats how I do it for those who had asked. Hope this helps you maybe get started.

First day of Fall

Happy First Day of Fall, y’all!!

I spent the day being super busy then super lazy.

We got new couches today, so we spent the first part of the day moving furniture out and bringing furniture in. But now we have a matching couch and love seat, and I a happy girl. Plus the new couch is way better to lay and knit on.

Once we were done with moving furniture we spent the the afternoon outside with the kidlets enjoying the beautiful weather.
The high for today is/was 74 degrees which in NC is actually cold for this time of the year but I love this weather.

Clear skies and trees rustling makes for a great relaxing afternoon.


This was my view. Ahh, nice.

I worked on another pumpkin hat while out there. Just have to do the color change and off it goes to be with its new owner. An (almost) 1 year old little dude. Can’t wait to see pictures of him wearing it. That’s my favorite part of knitting, seeing the item in use.



Now to go enjoy the rest of the day and finish up the hat.

It was worth it

The pumpkin hat was so worth all the trials and frustration I went through to make it. The recipient looks darling in it.

Here is a pic of her in the original:


See way to big for that tiny baby. I had to remake it. But it only took a day so no biggie and I let her keep the too big one so maybe it will fit next year.

Here she is in the new hat. It is the correct size and everything.


So much happier in the proper sized hat 🙂