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Such a quiter

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I have a problem with joining KAL and not knitting along! I joined a KAL to knit washcloths, and out of the 12 washcloths you were suppose to knit wanna know how many I knit? Do ya?
ONE!! I knit 1 of 12 wash cloths! I am such a KAL loser. Why do I even join these things? I know I have zero follow through. I know I like to follow my own beat and knit what I want. I also know I have a kazatrillion orders to fill and no time for lolli-gagging!
I have learned my lesson and vow to never join a KAL again. Umm…unless I change my mind 🙂


I just joined my second KAL but the first one I will actually do.

I joined one over the summer to make a shawl and quickly realized I am not the shawl making type. I believe I did the first 2 weeks and then ripped it out and made a hat. I have zero follow through for large projects. I always say I am going to knit up these amazing scarves or shawls and it never happens. One day I will learn my lesson and stick to hats and mittens.

Anyway, I joined a holiday KAL to knit dish cloths. Dish cloths I finish. Since I plan to give out cloths for gifts this seemed like the perfect KAL for me.

It is The Yarn Attics “Holiday Dish cloth Mystery KAL” . She plans to release 3 patterns a week for 4 weeks. 12 patterns in all.

She has the materials listed and I have most of what is needed already, so I am basically set to begin come October 1st.