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How I price

I have been asked by customers and by other bloggers how I price my hand knit items. I do everything by a set price plus cost of yarn. I do this for 2 reasons, 1) It makes it simple for me to remember what I quoted to which customer and 2) I really LOVE to knit and want people to enjoy the things I make and by having a set price it seems to bring in return customers a lot. I couldn’t imagine paying $20 for a hat, so why would I charge someone else that price. I will be knitting either way so if I can make a couple dollars while at it great, but I don’t want to make it a job or have people iffy about coming to me for things because they have sticker shock. With that said her is my list. I have this also in PDF form that I send out to people when they show interest in ordering:

Pricing Guide
All prices quoted are that price PLUS cost of yarn, unless otherwise stated. Yarn prices depend on what materials you want.
1. Hats (all sizes) $10
2. Gloves/Mitten Child $8
Adult $12
3. Socks(Price includes yarn) Child $12
Adult $15
4. Scarves Child $15
Adult $20
5. Dish cloths(price includes yarn) $3
6. Hand Towels(Price includes yarn) $6
All other Items are priced per order.

I find these to be fair prices and I don’t feel like I am losing any money doing it this way.

I actually feel like I am gaining since I don’t give back left over yarn(one of my rules) so I always have extras to use for personal use(BONUS) and I use the money I make to buy more yarn!!

So thats how I do it for those who had asked. Hope this helps you maybe get started.

My models

I love seeing my FO being used. It really makes me feel great to know that the things I work so hard on are not just being thrown in a drawer somewhere. So here are a few pictures of some of my projects being “modeled”.


Pooh bear new born prop. How cute is she?



Just look at that tush!!!


Same baby but older and wearing the infamous pumpkin hat!


Mouse hat!! The first one I made.


Another mouse hat!!


Pink spingish hat. This one is neat since this is the second child to wear this hat! I don’t have a pic of the original owner but I love that it is still being used by new babies!


Jester hat!! Adorable!!


Old pic of Thing 2 rocking her booties I made her.



I made her this whole outfit to come home in from the hospital but since she was enormous none of it fit except the booties.

Thing 2 rocking her “knitty Titty”. Love these hats.



Old pictures of Vicious modeling a monster hat and a head band!


Not anything I made but here is a picture of Vicious making my Pom poms. Child labor at its best 🙂

Now off to finish up the hat I am working on and start on a diaper cover!