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Stitch markers

I have found a new love. No, not someone to replace my husband. I have a new crafty love.
While laying in bed reading blogs I came across a post about stitch markers. I LOVE using stitch markers so I clicked on it and began reading about a girls need for stitch markers and her town without a yarn or craft store! “What’s a girl to do” one may ask…well this girl decided to make her own. Wait… What? She made her own? Yes, readers she made her own!! She used wire and bead and pliers and made her own!!
I was fascinated by this. I went and bought wire and beads and decided I too would make my own stitch markers. Well, that was an epic fail. Mine turned out terrible and they were heavy with the beads and the wire kept kinking up. I quickly scrapped those and went back to the drawing board.
I tried to find ways to make some like the ones I already had. I took a couple of my stitchmarkers with me to the craft store and walked around for hours until I found what looked liked all the parts to accomplish the act of making an actual usable marker. My efforts were not in vain! I got home and after a bit of trial and error I had figured out how to make stitch markers!! And I love it!
They are so easy and the perfect task to keep me busy while resting my hands from knitting. They put no strain on my joints so I can make them all day!! It has been great. I now sell them in my etsy shop and at a few local yarn stores in my area. How cool is that?
Here are a couple pics of the ones I have been working on today.

The charm says “made with love”

The set.

I love the snakes!!

Right now they fit up to a size 13 needle but I am thinking of getting some smaller rings for socks and things like that.

In other news, I won needles!
A few months ago I entered a photo contest with Knitters Pride. After a few weeks of voting I came in second and won a Nova cubics deluxe interchangable set! The top 3 all got to choose a deluxe set. Mine finally came last week! I am so excited!!


I also won a sample set just for being a finalist. (All the finalist won the set) I can’t wait to try out the Kabonz.


That’s about all I have to chat about today. I am off to take a nap. I spent the day at the pool with my tiny humans and I am wore out!
Happy knitting!!!

Highlight of my day

I logged onto Instagram to see what was going on in people’s lives. Well, I look and see I have notifications. When I check them it tells me that Knitters Pride needles have reposted
my photo!!!
This was the highlight of my day!! I almost giggled, which would I been odd since I am supposed to be helping in Vicious’ class not playing on Instagram haha!!


Not sure I this is super awesome or really sad that this is the highlight of my day!! Lmao 😀

WIPs and weirdness

I think I have commitment issues. I just cannot seem to knit only one project at a time. Right now I have 4 projects in various stages of completion.
I am *trying* to work on the WIP that is for an order, seeing as how it has already been paid for and that is the responsible thing to do.
Let’s take a look at what’s on the needles right now, shall we…

First up is a wool diaper cover. I am knitting it in pink and purple, using Universal Yarn 100%wool. I really enjoy knitting these since they are basically just hats with butt flaps. They work up quick and no pattern is needed!!


Next up is a Baby Sophisticate. I have seen so many people knit these and wanted to give it a try. I am using Berrocco Vintage in color Aguae. It’s a washable wool and so soft. Perfect for a tiny human. Only problem I have is I don’t have a tiny human in mind for the FO. Oh, well. Friends are always popping out spawn so I doubt I will have to wait long to find a recipient.

I also purchased my FIRST pair of knitters pride cubix needles just for this project. I LOVE them!! I already live knitter pride needles but these are a whole new level of super awesomeness. First they are square so they are much easier to grip and second they don’t hurt my hands!! I have RA and certain needles are just not good for my hands, these are not one of those needles. I may be switching to these.

The last two WIPs consist of a 10 stitch blanket and an entrelac scarf. No photos right now but I hope to take some soon.

I will leave you all with a touch of weirdness.
We are redoing our kids bathroom and while looking for towel hooks on Amazon, I came across these gems. Who wouldn’t want this?


Happy Knitting 🙂

My new favorite

I began knitting shortly after I had Vicious. I told my husband since I was just a frumpy housewife might as well have a hobby! He went and got me a learn-to-knit kit and the rest is history. What was essentially my way of being dramatic about being bored, ended up being a true passion.
I learned to knit on metal Boye needles. They came with the kit and worked fine. They were my go-to needles when purchasing new needles. I used the metal/aluminum needles primarily until I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis(think rheumatoid arthritis) and was told that the metal needles were putting to much strain on my wrists and to either change to wood/bamboo needles or stop knitting.
Since not knitting was NOT an option, wood needles it was. I went and grabbed a couple pairs of Clover brand needles and went to work. I even began to like them better then my metal needles.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. The day after Christmas to be exact. I went to my LYS to spend a gift card I had received as a gift from my brother. I was not quiet to the amount with my purchases so I grabbed a pair of DPNs to make up the difference. I grabbed a set of size 10 DPNs Knitters Pride dreamz brand. OH MY GOD!!! I used them and they were AMAZING!!!
I went and bought 2 more sets yesterday!!

If you haven’t used these needles before, I highly recommend them! So smooth to knit with, light weight, warm and the colors are to dye for(see what I did there).

That’s all for now knitters. What are you favorite needles?

I lost my sockginity

I lost my Sockginity this week.  I have messed around with socks in the past but they always ended up ruining the good thing we had going before we could go all the way. My first attempt at socks ended in massive heartache and it took me a while to get over. I tried my hand at a pair of Tardis socks (Those who don’t know what a TARDIS is, I am sorry, so so sorry) (Those of you who didn’t get the “sorry” reference please stop reading and go watch Doctor Who) Anyway, before we could finish what we started things went horribly wrong and I mourned the loss of that relationship. Thing 2 Pulled the needles out and unraveled the second sock, and there was no way to really pick up the stitches plus I had already frogged these socks about 3 times per sock. So sad.

423067_4990815491811_781134044_n IMAG0832_medium2

We had a good thing going for a while.

Well after a long break from from socks I finally decided to dip my toes back in the act of making socks. My next socklationship went great from the start. The first thing was they were toddler socks so much easier for me to deal with then Adult socks. (Size does matter)
Second there was just simple stripes so no crazy color work or dropping stitches and all the other craziness required in the Tardis socks. I finished both socks in no time. And it really doesn’t count unless everyone finishes, know what I mean 🙂











Now they are on their way to Alaska to be with the one they were made for.


Here it is

My knitting area. I stole the idea for this post from Mistine over at Crazy Purls.

Now just to let you know I had all my knitting supplies in our spare bedroom but once Thing 2 was born I had to do the grown up thing and let her have a room. That would of been fun to explain to people. “We have to have the crib in the kitchen since my yarn has the bedroom”. Wouldn’t of went over well so the knitting stuff now lives in my room in a much smaller area. Here it is:


Yep the top of my dresser is now home to my knitting stuff.


Most lives on this side.


My FO’s live in here. Yes, it is a punch bowl! And let me tell you all the cool kids put their FO’s in punch bowls. Proven fact, look it up. Ok it’s not a fact and you can’t look it up but it should be 🙂



Then there are my bins of things. Lets see what’s in them…


In the yellow bin is my labels. Care labels and personalized labels, labels that can be written on and my rainbow decals. The rainbow decals are special. I sew these into everything I make for Thing 2. They say that the baby after miscarriage or still birth is called your Rainbow Baby. Well after years of infertility and 9 miscarriage I have Thing 2 and she gets rainbows sewn into everything I make for her.


The pink box has thread.


The bottom bin has my buttons. I LOVE buttons, can you tell?



Little bins of “It’s a boy” tags and butterfly buttons. Have I mentions I love buttons?




Then I have all my knitting books and patterns on the end with my jars of DPN’s and straight needles as “book ends”.

Circulars live on the wall next to my dresser above my yarn bin.


My yarn bin. My stash is much smaller then it used to be due to downsizing the area. The cracks in bin are from Thing 2 thinking it is a stair and standing on it to steal my needles.





The other side of my dresser has the hat stand I use take pics with and some random baby pictures of Vicious and Thing 2.

That’s about it. Here are some random pics of my yarn.





The first step is admitting you have a problem

I just walked into my room to get my supplies for the pumpkin hat I planned to start and the phrase “Why do I never have the needles I want?” Left my mouth… Then I thought “eh I will just go buy them later, you can never have enough needles.”

This is my needle stash…


I think I may need a 12 step program…after I get back from the yarn store 🙂


Another Mouse hat

I had a request for a mouse hat but in a 12 month size instead of the 2 yr old size I had originally made. So after lots of trial and error I have revised the pattern to accommodate the smaller size human.

Sz 8 16″ circular
Sz 8 DPN
Chunky yarn in black
I used Cascade yarn 100% Peruvian wool.

Scrap pink yarn in worsted weight

Stitch marker

8 sts x 12 rows = 2 inches in St.st

With circular needles CO 66
Knit a K1,P1 rib for 3 rows

Start working in St. st (knit every row) for 4 1/2″

Begin decrease as follows(switch to DPN when needed)
R1: knit 9, k2tog repeat
R2: knit 8, k2tog repeat
R3: knit 7, k2tog repeat
R4:knit 6, k2tog repeat
R5: knit 5, k2tog repeat
R6: knit 4, k2tog repeat
R7:knit 3, k2tog repeat
R8: knit 2, k2tog repeat
R9: knit 1, k2tog repeat
R10: k2tog for round

Break yarn and pull through remaining stitches. Fasten, weave in ends

Ears(make 2)
Co 27
Work k1,p1 rib for 6 rows

Pull yarn through live stitches and see together to make an ear.

CO 8 with pink
Knit in St. st for about 4″-6″
Wrap yarn around middle to make bow
glue or sew white buttons on.

Also you could use puff paints to make dots if you don’t want buttons on a hat for a 1 year old.

Mouse hat


Supplies: Chunky weight black yarn

Worsted weight pink or red yarn

Size 9 16″ circular

Size 9 DPN set of 4 or 5

Stitch marker

6 small/medium white buttons

tapestry needle

Gauge: I did not gauge this and I gave it as a gift so I have no way to gauge it now. Oops. It was for a 2 year old.

For 12 month size directions click herehere

With circular needles and black yarn:

CO 66

work 2 rows of K1P1 rib

Change to St st and knit until 5″ from CO edge

Decrease: (change to DPN when things start getting tight on the circular)

R1: Knit 9, K2tog repeat for round

R2: Knit 8, K2tog repeat

R3: Knit 7 k2tog repeat

R4: Knit 6, k2tog repeat

R5: Knit 5, K2tog repeat

R6: Knit 4, k2tog repeat

R7: Knit 3, k2tog repeat

R8: Knit 2, k2tog repeat

R9: Knit 1, K2tog repeat

R10: K2tog repeat

Break yarn and pull through live stitches and secure.

Weave in ends

EARS: (make 2)

With 2 DPN

CO 31

Work K1P1 rib for 6 rows

break yarn and pull through live stitches until ends meet to make a circle ear shape. Sew ends together and then to hat.


With pink yarn

CO 8

Work St st for 6″-8″ and BO. Wrap yarn around middle to make it bow shaped.

Hot glue buttons to bow and sew bow to hat between ears.