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First day of Fall

Happy First Day of Fall, y’all!!

I spent the day being super busy then super lazy.

We got new couches today, so we spent the first part of the day moving furniture out and bringing furniture in. But now we have a matching couch and love seat, and I a happy girl. Plus the new couch is way better to lay and knit on.

Once we were done with moving furniture we spent the the afternoon outside with the kidlets enjoying the beautiful weather.
The high for today is/was 74 degrees which in NC is actually cold for this time of the year but I love this weather.

Clear skies and trees rustling makes for a great relaxing afternoon.


This was my view. Ahh, nice.

I worked on another pumpkin hat while out there. Just have to do the color change and off it goes to be with its new owner. An (almost) 1 year old little dude. Can’t wait to see pictures of him wearing it. That’s my favorite part of knitting, seeing the item in use.



Now to go enjoy the rest of the day and finish up the hat.

It was worth it

The pumpkin hat was so worth all the trials and frustration I went through to make it. The recipient looks darling in it.

Here is a pic of her in the original:


See way to big for that tiny baby. I had to remake it. But it only took a day so no biggie and I let her keep the too big one so maybe it will fit next year.

Here she is in the new hat. It is the correct size and everything.


So much happier in the proper sized hat 🙂

I may have lost the battles

… But I won the war! On the pumpkin hat that is. I finally completed it last night. I am sure that hat was one of the most frustrating projects I have ever done. I have no idea what the problem was or why I had so many issues but I am glad that it is done and I can put it behind me now.

I am a bit disappointed in it. It isn’t up to the standards that I like to hold my work at. There aren’t any mistakes or anything like that but it just isn’t “perfect” like I would like it to be. The yarn gets fuzzy as you work with it so there are all these little fuzz balls all over it and the decrease is very prominent because the yarn was so chunky. My husband said he can’t notice anything wrong and thinks it looks fine but he doesn’t knit so what does he know 🙂

I will say that I did do a little happy dance once I started the decrease. It was an amazing feeling knowing I would soon be rid of this hat!
I took a picture so I could remember the moment, the beginning of the end if you will.


And I almost wept when I got to the color change because it meant 5 more rows and I would be finished!! Holla!!


5 rows after that and one curly viney thingy and I was done!! The girl is coming to pick it up this afternoon. Now onto the rest of my October orders and gifts.



So you can see the thickness in the yarn. The needle on the left is the tapestry needle I use for pretty much every project, the one on the right is the one I had to use for this one. The pattern calls for worsted.


The first step is admitting you have a problem

I just walked into my room to get my supplies for the pumpkin hat I planned to start and the phrase “Why do I never have the needles I want?” Left my mouth… Then I thought “eh I will just go buy them later, you can never have enough needles.”

This is my needle stash…


I think I may need a 12 step program…after I get back from the yarn store 🙂