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New techniques

This has been a slow week. I haven’t accomplished much. I worked some on my baby sophisticate but it still is not finished. I need to get on it since it’s a birthday gift and I have to give it to the birthday boy on Saturday! Yikes!!!

The main reason I haven’t finished is because I have been sick. I caught a stomach bug from my kids(thanks girls) and that had me down. That in turn caused my RA to flare so now I am sore. Good times!! It has been very hard to knit with joint pain. So, to combat this I learned a new technique.
I taught my self how to knit Portuguese style. This has been life changing!! It cause zero hand strain, purling is easier than knitting, and I have increased my speed!! All pluses!
I watched this video and went to town. I am using my neck right now to keep tension but I plan to get a knitting pin soon.

If you will remember from the last post, I am doing a photo a day challenge with Geeky Girl Knits and Knitters Pride. Well, this week one of my pictures was chosen as a finalist!! Sooo if anyone wants to hop over to Ravelry and vote for Pic A, well I would not be mad at you 😃

That’s it’s! Hopefully I will have some FOs for the next post.
Happy knitting

Where to put it…

…My Ravelry patterns that is. 


I always have issues on whether I should “favorite” something or put it in my “queue”. Here is the crazy that goes on in my head as if this is a life or death decision. 


I see a pattern I like and decide I may want to make it. I read the pattern to see if it is something I would even consider doing ever. If I decide I would like to try the pattern then the crazy come out and my brain starts working overtime. I think “If I put this in my queue then it gives me added pressure to actually knit the “whateveritis”. Everytime I go to look at the pattern it will be taunting me with the “start pattern now” button and then if I don’t start the pattern and instead start a pattern 2 or more places below this one how is that pattern going to feel getting passed over again and again? And yes I know patterns don’t actually have feelings but its my brain and it has its own way of thinking. What if the person sees that I have queue’d their pattern but never post the project? Do they think I was too lazy to post it? or tried to pull a fast one and not credit them for the pattern? Ahhh so much pressure…


Then if I “favorite” it I can get around to it when I want. Yet I then think what if the person who pattern I favorited wonders why I favorited their pattern but haven’t actually made it. Like oh this person thinks my stuff is awesome but yet refuses to make it!! She just likes the pictures and probably can’t even knit!!! 


Oh the problems I have!!! So far I have been trying to favorite things so that my queue isn’t taunting me as much. But my brain is still crazy. Oh well, nothing a glass of wine and some knitting can’t calm down.