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Yarn Crawl: Day 2

I continued the Yarn crawl today. I visited 2 more of the 13 shops, bringing my total up to 5 shops in 2 days. Only 8 more to go!!

I started my day off at Tangles knitting on Main. The shop was a pain in the rear to find first off!! Even my GPS had problems pin pointing exactly where it was. I saw it by chance. I was at a stop sign and saw the words Yarn Shop on the side of a brick building. Oy!! Once I found it, I parked, went in and was blown away by all the funky displays and random knits all around. They seem to be very into the unique and anything out of the norm which I really love. It was great to just walk around and see what can be knit.  I also got some nice goodies. A stitch marker, measuring tape, Apiece of the scarf pattern and a bag of knitting scraps. At first I was all “WTH are you giving me a baggy of your ends for, lady?” (thought it,didn’t say it) She explained they are giving them out for people to throw out in their yarn or put out somewhere for birds to use the scraps for their nests. Then I was all “What a neat idea! My kids will love doing that!!” (said that, didn’t just think it)


This is how I found it!



That whole thing was knit!! How cool!!


My second stop for the day was my normal LYS Cottage Yarn. This is where I shop normally and where 90% of my stash has been purchased. It was great to go in to a place that I was familiar with and that felt “home” like when I walked in. It was great to be greeted by people who I recognize and who recognize me. They also were excited to see Thing 2 awake for once. I typically wear her on my back and she naps while I shop. Today she was ready to crawl 🙂 They did a scavenger hunt. That was a fun. It had a list of questions and you had to go around and find the answers. Most I knew off the top of my head but a couple I had to go find the answers. One question asked “Name 3 brands of yarn sold at the Cottage.(Hint:If you don’t know the answer off the top of your head, you are most likely the friend that got dragged along)”  I was cracking up at that.

I didn’t take many pics at the cottage since I was doing the hunt.


I also made a pit stop to buy Vicious her birthday gifts(some of them). I can’t believe she will be 6 in 2 days!!


Here are some pictures of my “swag” and the pink train button I mentioned in yesterdays post.

ImageImageImage, , ImageImage

How cute is that train?

Yarn Crawl: Day 1

I had the most amazing day! The annual Yarn crawl kicked off this weekend and I spent the day going to various yarn shops and checking out the what-have-yous.  In case you don’t know what a yarn crawl is, it is where you go to all the local yarn stores in your area and they give you a “passport” to stamp. Each store you go to will stamp it and if you visit 11 out of 13 stores you can be entered to win one of several drawings. I visited 3 today. Here is a link that tells you more.

I started off by visiting The Yarn Shop by Rainy day creations. They gave me my passport and the first piece of a Mystery scarf pattern. I was in awe at all the pretty yarns they offer. They are really into spinning. It was neat to see all these huge spinning wheels all over and tons of roving hanging on the walls.



I want to make this!! It was hanging in the yarn shop and it is a free pattern on Ravelry. I need to go find it.


Beautiful yarn!!

After I left The Yarn Shop I headed to my next stop. Charlotte Yarn! This may be my new favorite LYS. It is a bit of a trek for me but they are my kid of store. They catered more towards kid knits and had tons of baby booties and mittens on display. It was really neat to see the different personalities of each Yarn store. I had no idea what a small bubble I had been living in only going to one yarn store ever(it is on the crawl but I haven’t went to it yet). They also gave out stitch markers as a free gift for stopping in and they handed over the second piece to the Mystery scarf pattern. Will I ever make this scarf probably not but I like having the pattern either way 🙂



Baby sweaters and an Angry bird hat!!


Pretty,pretty yarn!!

I also found a pink train button for Thing 2! She loves trains but all you can find are blue or red so I was stoked to find a pink one. I will post a pic in the upcoming days since it is in the other room and I don’t plan on moving just to photograph a button.

My last stop for the day was The Fibre studio. They were not really my style of knitting but they had beautiful hand dyed yarn all over. They tend to knit scarves and shawls, I am more of a hat and mitten kind of knitwit. I did end up staying there the longest of any of my stops. I loved looking at all the gorgeous shawls and found a super cute hat pattern/sample that I plan to make for Thing 2.  It is called the anemone hat and is a Ravelry pattern. They had one done up in a multi color yarn and it was so fraking cute!! I spent the rest of the time talking with the lady who works there about Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Buffy. I may shop there just to get my geek fix in. I didn’t take any pictures of the yarn since I was caught up in chit chatting with everyone there.


My ultimate goal is to hit all 13 stores by weeks end. I am shooting for 2 stores a day, possible more if I can fit it in some how. I will post my Day 2 adventures tomorrow evening. Now I am exhausted from all the fun I had fondling fiber.