This is how I block

With the weather changing and everyone back in school, I have been getting a lot of orders for hats. Got To keep those heads warm going in and out of school. So I have spent a lot of time in my kitchen blocking said hats. I have decided I will reveal the method I use, like it is a national secret or something, in case others have blocking needs but lack blocking technique.

First I knit something. Blocking only works with natural fibers(wool,cotton, bamboo). For this instructional post I am using a pumpkin hat knit with 100% wool Cascade 220 color pumpkin.


After I have it finished and all the ends hidden I set up for the blocking.
I get a large bowl, I used to use my punch bowl but since it is now home to my FO, I use a huge stainless steel mixing bowl. I then grab a large fluffy towel, my wool wash and warm water.




I normally use no scent regular baby wash and add a teaspoon per gallon of water but I purchased no rinse wool wash and I really like it. It is lavender scented so it made my kitchen smell great and I didn’t have to rinse anything so that Is a plus.

I fill the bowl with very warm(not hot) water, about a gallon of water. Hot water will felt your piece so make sure it is more like bath water and less like boiling water. I add a teaspoon of the wool wash to the water and swish it around.

CAREFULLY put the FO in the water and push it until it is submerged and wet all over. DO NOT swish the item, agitate the item, scrunch the item, any thing that will compress the fibers. You will felt it! You can not unfelt!! Be careful.
I let my hat sit in the water for 20 minutes to make sure the stitches have released and it is ready to be manipulated into shape.


I then remove the item from the water and put it on a towel. Careful not to stretch the piece. Do not wring the water out.


Fold the towel around the item and then roll it up like a burrito.


I then put it on the floor and stomp on the towel to get the water out of the item. And it’s a fun way to get out aggression.


Unfold the towel and take it item out. If it still feels super wet get a dry towel and repeat the fold and stomp process.



Lots of water came out!!

After that I put it on my hat stand thingy and shape it the way I want it and allow it to air dry over night.


That’s it! Easy peasy.

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