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Orders galore

I have been swamped with custom orders since opening my Etsy shop! I am loving it. So here is a few pics of what I have knit by request:

A shark hat for a little girls birthday!!
The kid in the picture is Vicious, not the recipient lol.

Baby sandals!! How stinking cute are these? Love them!! This is just one of several orders I have gotten.

I also have made a watermelon hat that I have away as a Instagram giveaway. Don’t have pictures yet but plan to snap a few before I mail it off.

Lastly a little happy moment for me. A dear friend had noticed I had been a little down in the dumps due all my health issues. Well she ordered me a present and it arrived yesterday. I was over the moon excited!!



Stitch markers

I have found a new love. No, not someone to replace my husband. I have a new crafty love.
While laying in bed reading blogs I came across a post about stitch markers. I LOVE using stitch markers so I clicked on it and began reading about a girls need for stitch markers and her town without a yarn or craft store! “What’s a girl to do” one may ask…well this girl decided to make her own. Wait… What? She made her own? Yes, readers she made her own!! She used wire and bead and pliers and made her own!!
I was fascinated by this. I went and bought wire and beads and decided I too would make my own stitch markers. Well, that was an epic fail. Mine turned out terrible and they were heavy with the beads and the wire kept kinking up. I quickly scrapped those and went back to the drawing board.
I tried to find ways to make some like the ones I already had. I took a couple of my stitchmarkers with me to the craft store and walked around for hours until I found what looked liked all the parts to accomplish the act of making an actual usable marker. My efforts were not in vain! I got home and after a bit of trial and error I had figured out how to make stitch markers!! And I love it!
They are so easy and the perfect task to keep me busy while resting my hands from knitting. They put no strain on my joints so I can make them all day!! It has been great. I now sell them in my etsy shop and at a few local yarn stores in my area. How cool is that?
Here are a couple pics of the ones I have been working on today.

The charm says “made with love”

The set.

I love the snakes!!

Right now they fit up to a size 13 needle but I am thinking of getting some smaller rings for socks and things like that.

In other news, I won needles!
A few months ago I entered a photo contest with Knitters Pride. After a few weeks of voting I came in second and won a Nova cubics deluxe interchangable set! The top 3 all got to choose a deluxe set. Mine finally came last week! I am so excited!!


I also won a sample set just for being a finalist. (All the finalist won the set) I can’t wait to try out the Kabonz.


That’s about all I have to chat about today. I am off to take a nap. I spent the day at the pool with my tiny humans and I am wore out!
Happy knitting!!!

MIA…But with good reasons

My blogging has been horrible lately. It’s not because I haven’t had anything to say or that I haven’t been knitting, it’s that I haven’t been in the best place to have a lot of positive things to write. I was always taught if you don’t have anything nice to say then just keep quiet, and that’s what I have done.

I have gotten what seems like endless not so great news lately. At first I was like ok, then after weeks and weeks of this it became a “what the h3ll, can I get a break” kind of feeling. I will explain what I mean.

I started having leg and muscle pain about the time I was pregnant with Thing 2. Fast forward about a year later and it was discovered I had an auto immune disease. Which one was still unknown. I got the umbrella label of inflammatory arthritis and was given a bunch of meds and sent on my way. Well, that was about a year ago. With in the last few months things have gone down hill. I started having a lot of flares so back to the rhuematologist I went.
She did a full work up and after a ton of tests and x-rays(I was having trouble walking and moving my toes) we came to the conclusion that I have fibromyalgia and what appears to be lupus. Again I was handed a bunch of meds and sent home.
Once home and taking the new meds I soon had a horrible allergic reaction to one of the medications. This is where things started going down hill. I went off the meds right away and the allergic symptoms went away but a slew of other things followed.
I was in and out of doctors for weeks. I was given stuff for the constant nausea and the fevers. Nothing worked.
My final breaking point was when I was taken to the emergency room for such strong stomach pain I literally thought I was dying. I wasn’t far off. At the ER(I was there for 9 hours and only waited for 20 minutes to see a doctor) it was discovered the meds had caused several infections and damaged my liver. I was told to stop all medications by the ER doc and my rhiematologist. I was given a pain med that is easy on you until I can get in to have an endoscopy to make sure my stomach lining hasn’t been damaged.
They said my liver seems to be doing Better since stoping all the other stuff, which is good. I have to have it tested frequently now just to make sure it’s healing.

In all this the only thing that has kept me sane has been knitting. I don’t know what I would do without it. The only problem is without the anti inflammatory medicine I am knitting much slower these days.

So that’s my sad story of why I haven’t been writing much. I am hoping I will be able to get on more often but I can’t make promises.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Fourth of July!!