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What day is it?

My days seem to be running into one another. This month has been a huge cluster f$$k of craptasticness.

First off Vicious got glasses, which are adorable on her. The only issue was for the first week she wore them she got horrible migraines and couldn’t do anything, including go to school! So she missed several day due to headaches. No biggie.

Adorable right!?!
Anyhoo, her eyes adjust to the glasses and she is ready to go back to school then BAM!! We all get the flu!!!
Let me tell you, the flu is horrible!! Don’t get it!!!
Again out of school. This time for both vicious and Thing 2.

After I get everyone well again it decides to freaking snow!!! I live in the south and all the stereotypes about them shutting down everything for bad weather is true!! No school again. Heck we had a delay today jut because it was COLD!!
This is our snow day.


So, this was my long winded way of saying not much knitting has happened this month.
I did make some baby leg warmers and a couple hats but that’s about it. I started a scrap yarn 10 stitch blanket today to help get rid of my odds and ends. I will have to link the pattern next time since I am on my phone right now.

Hope everyone else has had better luck at knitting this month and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the dang groundhog doesn’t see his shadow this weekend 🙂




My new favorite

I began knitting shortly after I had Vicious. I told my husband since I was just a frumpy housewife might as well have a hobby! He went and got me a learn-to-knit kit and the rest is history. What was essentially my way of being dramatic about being bored, ended up being a true passion.
I learned to knit on metal Boye needles. They came with the kit and worked fine. They were my go-to needles when purchasing new needles. I used the metal/aluminum needles primarily until I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis(think rheumatoid arthritis) and was told that the metal needles were putting to much strain on my wrists and to either change to wood/bamboo needles or stop knitting.
Since not knitting was NOT an option, wood needles it was. I went and grabbed a couple pairs of Clover brand needles and went to work. I even began to like them better then my metal needles.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. The day after Christmas to be exact. I went to my LYS to spend a gift card I had received as a gift from my brother. I was not quiet to the amount with my purchases so I grabbed a pair of DPNs to make up the difference. I grabbed a set of size 10 DPNs Knitters Pride dreamz brand. OH MY GOD!!! I used them and they were AMAZING!!!
I went and bought 2 more sets yesterday!!

If you haven’t used these needles before, I highly recommend them! So smooth to knit with, light weight, warm and the colors are to dye for(see what I did there).

That’s all for now knitters. What are you favorite needles?

Taming Of the Flu…

I’m sick. Vicious is sick. Thing 2 is sick. Hubs is lysoling everything.
The only good part about having the flu(this will teach me not to get the flu shot) is that I can sit on the couch and knit all day. It is actually recommended that I do exactly that.
Not a lot of FO pictures since I haven’t had the energy to take any.
Here is a hat I finished and delivered last Friday.


That’s all for now. Will post again once I rid my house of all the icky. Stay warm and healthy!

Socks by any other name

I joined a sock KAL the other week and it officially starts on Wednesday. KnittingSarah is hosting it. If you haven’t checked it out yet I advise you do so, all the cool kids are doing it 🙂
I was really excited(and I am still am) for this KAL since essentially there are no rules except to knit some part of a sock everyday for a year!! You can use any pattern, any yarn, knit a row or knit a pair of socks! It’s all up to you!

The problem I seem to be having is while I have been knitting at least a couple of rows everyday, I can see the lack of finished projects already getting me a bit discouraged.
So I have changed the definition of sock!! Socks are now anything that cover the lower part of the body that isn’t pants! Ex: leg warmers 🙂

I have gotten a ton of orders for leg warmers, and since they are essentially knit exactly like a sock just without the heel and foot, I figured I will considered it a sock and therefor it counts for the KAL in Chasity land.

Hope you all join the KAL and have fun figuring out what socks are to you!
Happy Sunday Knitwits!

The happenings

Happy Sunday Knitters!! 

I have been on pins and needles excited all day waiting for tomorrow to come!! It’s like Christmas eve when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait for the day to hurry and end because you knew the BIG day was just hours away. That’s how I have felt all day today because…SCHOOL STARTS BACK TOMORROW!!!! I have been dreaming of this day for 2 weeks now. Vicious goes back to school..8 hours holla…and Thing 2 starts preschool …4 hours, thank you lord…and I get to sit and drink HOT(as opposed to luke warm) coffee,and watch grown up tv and knit things without tiny humans ripping my needles out because they neeeedddd something. Oh what a glorious day it will be, indeed! 

Now on to the What-have-yous of my weekend…..

First off I Joined a year long sock KAL, thanks to Rachel over at All night knitter. I know I have said in the past I was joining a KAL and never actually Knit a long BUT this time is different. Really it is!! First off my hubs has been begging for socks so it works that this is a sock KAL. Second there are no patterns to follow or rules or any of that hoopla that really turns me off from most KALs. This is just picking up and knitting either one row or a whole sock every day. Completely up to me. Love it. You can check out the details on KnittingSarahs page.  

Make sure you follow me on my Facebook and Instagram to check out all my socks and other things that are coming off my needles. I post there much more often..IE:daily…then I do here. 


Lets see…What else…

Ah yes the actual knitting. I have accomplished a few things this weekend. First off I finally took pictures of some of my FOs. 

Here is a picture of a Creeper Hat I made for the Hubs.

ImageFor those who don’t know, a Creeper is a bad guy from the video game Minecraft and they have a cameo appearance in the game Borderlands 2. Since my hubbo loves both games, he requested the hat. And since he is the one who works and keeps me in yarn money, when he asks for a hat I make it 🙂  My opinion may be biased but he looks really cute in the hat. Not kid cute, more like “How you doin’?” cute. 

Next up is a hat I made for a customer. 

ImageThey sent me a picture of a crocheted hat and said can you make this?. I said sure and this is what happened. Not to bad if I do say so myself. 

Last but not least, I made myself a hat. I rarely knit for myself and I have only ever made myself 1 thing in the past. (Well besides dish cloths) And since it is balls a$$ freezing here, I needed a hat. 

ImageI knit this with Malabrigo 100% merino wool. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hat!! It is so soft and so warm. I used the pattern The No ouchy slouchy. I had to adjust the decrease since there were a couple mistakes the way its written, but otherwise it came out great and I plan to knit another soon.

ImageNot quite slouchy enough yet but this is a before blocking picture (I know, I know, bad) but I wanted to have a pic for this post. 


Bad pic of me wearing it straight off the needles in my ugly tie dye shirt! 


I have also started a bit early on the sock KAL. 

ImageI am using Universal Yarn 100% wool worsted weight with 2 strands held together. The pattern is a VERY altered version of the sasquatch slipper sock. My hubs foot is no where near a size 12 so I will have to cut back on a few of the measurements but otherwise I think it will be a great pattern. I have only knit and completed one other pair of socks,so I am going with simple. 


Right now I am also working on a bunch of baby leg warmers for customers and I have had more orders for the Minnie Hat. Hopefully I will have a bunch of that knocked out soon since THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!


That’s it for now. Off to pack up back packs since THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!! I am just a little excited about the kids going back to school in case you couldn’t tell 😉 

Happy Knitting!!!



Another year of Knits!


Happy 2014 everyone!!!
I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. I crashed around 10:30pm. I just can’t hang like I used to. I rang in the New Year at 7est with the British 🙂

Now on to knitting related news!!
I completed my first project of the new year!

Multi colored ear flap hat for a customer.
I took a break from orders during Christmas. Now that all the hullabaloo of the holidays is a thing of the past, I am taking orders once more. Yay for a small business for some extra spending money.

I have big dreams for my knitting and my “business” this year. I am not big on resolutions so dreams is what they are. If it doesn’t happen no biggie. Here are my plans for 2014
1. Tell people no if I have too many orders!! I am the worst at overbooking myself and getting stressed.
2. Knit through my stash it is insane the amount of yarn I have. I really need to use it.
3. Learn to knit continental just because..
4. Learn new stitches and try new techniques

So far that’s all I got. I plan to be a better blogger and post at least once a week. With Thing 2 starting preschool next week that should be possible.

Here’s to a New Year of knitting!!